Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What Did I Do Now?

So I just got off the phone with Steven Lee, a University of Georgia law student. Some may be aware that Steven has created the New Republican movement through his blog at He has received some great press, including local papers as well as

Anyway, we were speaking as to what leadership is, and what I might be looking for in the Republican party, when the subject of my current profession came up. I, of course, build web sites.

So now, it seems, I have allowed myself to offer to build a website around which the movement can revolve. Look for more on this as time goes, but I am pretty stoked about it.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


  1. I think it's great to get involved and move things forward.

    I just question having read his site where his desire is to move the Republican party into??

    Honestly, what is the direction of the "New Republican" that he seeks to have emerge from this movement??

    I'm watching... but it seems like he wants the Republican Party to become Obamaland worldview and political positions.

    Help me... am I wrong?? I'll keep watching, it was just an impression.

    I think he just seems like an Obamite.


    Is he infiltrating the Republican Party as an Obama agent for "change" in the Republican Party?? Moving the Republican base as much as posible towards Obama's positions?? And world and political view??

    Intentionally or just passively, I just got that sense that he's an Obama supporter... moving very quietly... but still having that leaning.

    Am I totally wrong?? Wassup??



  2. From what I have spoken with him about, I feel quite the opposite. Nothing, though, is for sure, so of course there needs to be some skepticism.

    However, you know MY positions. I would never stay associated with something I disagreed with. At the least, it begins a grassroot coalition. Getting like-minded people together is always a good thing.

  3. Hi EagleEye
    My name is Dawn and I agree with Grace, that kid's motives based on his facebook and the web site lean to the twisted (perverted), "leave Christianity out of the party" position.

  4. The purpose of the forum is to facilitate discussion. I understand the skepticism any of you may have, but you can ask Sean about where I stand.

    Sean, would you mind changing the address to he New Republican on your blog from “” to “”? We just underwent a major style revision, so check it out. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.


  5. Like the new site. No need for me to develop anything, it seems. Nicely done.

    With regards to the Grace and Dawn I would say this:

    There is no reason to leave out the Christian aspect of the party, but one of the worst arguments about the party os that we are exclusive. If I were to say to someone that if you are pro-choice you cannot become a member, that would leave a whole lot of people out of the mix.

    We need to be inclusive. That means people accepting others for who they are. I am of Christian beliefs, but am no where near as overt in my faith as Grace, and much more so than many of the atheists belonging to our party.

    I think providing a forum for all factions to discuss their personal viewpoints in an effort to bring folks together is a great thing.

    Anyway, I hope that you guys become regulars at the site. We need EVERYONE who wants to return to solid, conservative values to become involved.


  6. Hi,

    I am very open because I would not want to reach a wrong conclusion. I agree basically with Dawn, and you Sean, and no disrespect intended to Steven.

    Yet, the way things "change" is when we give up our Christian values and concern ourselves more with agreeing with human beings to form "coalitions" than we do with God.

    For example, McCain was the classic candidate for RINO's... and if a move away from conservativism and Christian principles and values (even if not stated overtly) was going to get the Republican Party anywhere... McCain would have won this election.

    Palin was very effectively assaulted for her lack of national knowledge - which we all understood and didn't distance us - but it DID distance a lot of people from her.

    I think we can learn from that that people will overlook lack of experience IF a broadbased knowledge level on national matters can be conveyed and communicated.

    I do NOT believe that the Republican Party must abandon conservativism to become a "big tent". The opposite is true. Reagan was very successful. People were excited about Palin and her persona until she was held away from the press too long (imo) and then had some bad interviews (which were skewered in presentation - but still, she did "drop the ball" in a couple of places and that was SO exploited against her where if it was Biden it was "covered up" and slid under the carpet.)

    I don't think this "big tent" idea is of God. I think there was a huge backlash against Bush, and had Obama been a better candidate, he would have won by a landslide. It was a no-brainer that the Democrats had a huge edge towards winning. Obama didn't perform all that well considering the unpopularity of Bush and Congress and how that all got landed in the lap of McCain/Palin as Republicans.

    I don't think we need to "give up on God" like Kathleen Parker said... and, with respect Steven, no, I don't trust you if as a committed Christian (as you are telling me you are)... you don't want to have God in the center of your life in all areas of your life and you are not forthright in your profession of faith and don't want to "come out of the closet" for Jesus.

    We've got homosexuals coming out of the closet, we've got Christians who say they are committed to Christ putting their Christianity they profess in a closet... and something is wrong with that picture.

    We need more conviction, more public statement of Christianity, and less backpedalling.

    Unless, really, the "vote" says "we don't need God".

    Well, that vote goes to Obama. Those are Obama followers.

    So, this matter isn't yet comfortable to me, I don't see it as the "way to go"... but I can see Obama supporters thinking it would be agreat idea because it would "idealogize" the Republican Party in coordination with the Democratic Party in a "homogenization"... and result in a transfer of votes to the Democratic Party because the Republican Party would have no real sound principles on which they stand or which they communicate to create a true Party identification that varies from an "Obama" presentation.

    I think that Steven needs his liberty, but we need to both watch and give Steven himself some leadership and guidance as a generation older than him.

    And I would encourage you, Steven, to read up on Reagan and revisit the election from a larger view.

    I know that the young greatly voted for Obama - and that is youth. Youth can be swayed by a demagogue and idealism much more readily than persons who have a firm sense of identity and values created from the fires of adult life experiences... that young adults are just getting started in.

    Universities are "hotbeds" of liberal thought. In that environment... it's "normal" to be crazy... and the professors are. LOL :)

    OK, long enough... but something isn't right here. Committed Christians need to really pray about where God is in the "mix".

    Steven, do you need God to be in charge of your life and your politics and even your Republican Party?? Do we really need God in position over us and us seeking HIS leadership and guidance as Christians... or do we just put him on a shelf and tuck Him away when there's company we want to "impress" with how "hip" and "in" we are... and just rub on His tummy when we need something??

    What really is a "committed Christian"?? Are they committed to making Jesus Lord?? Who is the Boss?? Is God in charge of their lives as Someone who has that place and position because He is God... or is He just someone we USE??

    Would we treat a significant other the same way we treat God??

    Or have we invited Him into every area of our lives??

    I'll ask questions... and pray we come into the Lord's will together and come to mutual understanding and understanding of the larger matters.

    Where God is in relation to everything would seem to me to be a CENTRAL consideration... if it's true we really need Him to be in control of our lives as our God - rather than a "silent Partner". I think that relationship needs to be vital and living in shared relationship... and I pray we all grow in that together as one in the Lord.

    I think soul searching and application of our faith and how to involve God in discussions and Parties and organizations...a nd our nation... was PRIMARILY CRITICAL to our founding fathers.

    I think we could learn things.. from them, too.