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Weather Channel Founder Speaks

Global Warming and the Price of a Gallon of Gas
by John Coleman

You may want to give credit where credit is due to Al Gore and his global warming campaign the next time you fill your car with gasoline, because there is a direct connection between Global Warming and four dollar a gallon gas. It is shocking, but true, to learn that the entire Global Warming frenzy is based on the environmentalist’s attack on fossil fuels, particularly gasoline. All this big time science, international meetings, thick research papers, dire threats for the future; all of it, comes down to their claim that the carbon dioxide in the exhaust from your car and in the smoke stacks from our power plants is destroying the climate of planet Earth. What an amazing fraud; what a scam.

The future of our civilization lies in the balance.

That’s the battle cry of the High Priest of Global Warming Al Gore and his fellow, agenda driven disciples as they predict a calamitous outcome from anthropogenic global warming. According to Mr. Gore the polar ice caps will collapse and melt and sea levels will rise 20 feet inundating the coastal cities making 100 million of us refugees. Vice President Gore tells us numerous Pacific islands will be totally submerged and uninhabitable. He tells us global warming will disrupt the circulation of the ocean waters, dramatically changing climates, throwing the world food supply into chaos. He tells us global warming will turn hurricanes into super storms, produce droughts, wipe out the polar bears and result in bleaching of coral reefs. He tells us tropical diseases will spread to mid latitudes and heat waves will kill tens of thousands. He preaches to us that we must change our lives and eliminate fossil fuels or face the dire consequences. The future of our civilization is in the balance.

With a preacher’s zeal, Mr. Gore sets out to strike terror into us and our children and make us feel we are all complicit in the potential demise of the planet.

Here is my rebuttal.

There is no significant man made global warming. There has not been any in the past, there is none now and there is no reason to fear any in the future. The climate of Earth is changing. It has always changed. But mankind’s activities have not overwhelmed or significantly modified the natural forces.

Through all history, Earth has shifted between two basic climate regimes: ice ages and what paleoclimatologists call “Interglacial periods”. For the past 10 thousand years the Earth has been in an interglacial period. That might well be called nature’s global warming because what happens during an interglacial period is the Earth warms up, the glaciers melt and life flourishes. Clearly from our point of view, an interglacial period is greatly preferred to the deadly rigors of an ice age. Mr. Gore and his crowd would have us believe that the activities of man have overwhelmed nature during this interglacial period and are producing an unprecedented, out of control warming.

Well, it is simply not happening. Worldwide there was a significant natural warming trend in the 1980’s and 1990’s as a Solar cycle peaked with lots of sunspots and solar flares. That ended in 1998 and now the Sun has gone quiet with fewer and fewer Sun spots, and the global temperatures have gone into decline. Earth has cooled for almost ten straight years. So, I ask Al Gore, where’s the global warming?

The cooling trend is so strong that recently the head of the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change had to acknowledge it. He speculated that nature has temporarily overwhelmed mankind’s warming and it may be ten years or so before the warming returns. Oh, really. We are supposed to be in a panic about man-made global warming and the whole thing takes a ten year break because of the lack of Sun spots. If this weren’t so serious, it would be laughable.

Now allow me to talk a little about the science behind the global warming frenzy. I have dug through thousands of pages of research papers, including the voluminous documents published by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. I have worked my way through complicated math and complex theories. Here’s the bottom line: the entire global warming scientific case is based on the increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from the use of fossil fuels. They don’t have any other issue. Carbon Dioxide, that’s it.

Hello Al Gore; Hello UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Your science is flawed; your hypothesis is wrong; your data is manipulated. And, may I add, your scare tactics are deplorable. The Earth does not have a fever. Carbon dioxide does not cause significant global warming.

The focus on atmospheric carbon dioxide grew out a study by Roger Revelle who was an esteemed scientist at the Scripps Oceanographic Institute. He took his research with him when he moved to Harvard and allowed his students to help him process the data for his paper. One of those students was Al Gore. That is where Gore got caught up in this global warming frenzy. Revelle’s paper linked the increases in carbon dioxide, CO2, in the atmosphere with warming. It labeled CO2 as a greenhouse gas.

Charles Keeling, another researcher at the Scripps Oceanographic Institute, set up a system to make continuous CO2 measurements. His graph of these increases has now become known as the Keeling Curve. When Charles Keeling died in 2005, his son Ralph, also at Scripps, took over the measurements. Here is what the Keeling curve shows: an increase in CO2 from 315 parts per million in 1958 to 385 parts per million today, an increase of 70 parts per million or about 20 percent.

All the computer models, all of the other findings, all of the other angles of study, all come back to and are based on CO2 as a significant greenhouse gas. It is not.

Here is the deal about CO2, carbon dioxide. It is a natural component of our atmosphere. It has been there since time began. It is absorbed and emitted by the oceans. It is used by every living plant to trigger photosynthesis. Nothing would be green without it. And we humans; we create it. Every time we breathe out, we emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It is not a pollutant. It is not smog. It is a naturally occurring invisible gas.

Let me illustrate. I estimate that this square in front of my face contains 100,000 molecules of atmosphere. Of those 100,000 only 38 are CO2; 38 out of a hundred thousand. That makes it a trace component. Let me ask a key question: how can this tiny trace upset the entire balance of the climate of Earth? It can’t. That’s all there is to it; it can’t.

The UN IPCC has attracted billions of dollars for the research to try to make the case that CO2 is the culprit of run-away, man-made global warming. The scientists have come up with very complex creative theories and done elaborate calculations and run computer models they say prove those theories. They present us with a concept they call radiative forcing. The research organizations and scientists who are making a career out of this theory, keep cranking out the research papers. Then the IPCC puts on big conferences at exotic places, such as the recent conference in Bali. The scientists endorse each other’s papers, they are summarized and voted on, and viola, we are told global warming is going to kill us all unless we stop burning fossil fuels.

May I stop here for a few historical notes? First, the internal combustion engine and gasoline were awful polluters when they were first invented. And, both gasoline and automobile engines continued to leave a layer of smog behind right up through the 1960’s. Then science and engineering came to the environmental rescue. Better exhaust and ignition systems, catalytic converters, fuel injectors, better engineering throughout the engine and reformulated gasoline have all contributed to a huge reduction in the exhaust emissions from today’s cars. Their goal then was to only exhaust carbon dioxide and water vapor, two gases widely accepted as natural and totally harmless. Anyone old enough to remember the pall of smog that used to hang over all our cities knows how much improvement there has been. So the environmentalists, in their battle against fossil fuels and automobiles had a very good point forty years ago, but now they have to focus almost entirely on the once harmless carbon dioxide. And, that is the rub. Carbon dioxide is not an environmental problem; they just want you now to think it is.

Numerous independent research projects have been done about the greenhouse impact from increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide. These studies have proven to my total satisfaction that CO2 is not creating a major greenhouse effect and is not causing an increase in temperatures. By the way, before his death, Roger Revelle coauthored a paper cautioning that CO2 and its greenhouse effect did not warrant extreme countermeasures.

So now it has come down to an intense campaign, orchestrated by environmentalists claiming that the burning of fossil fuels dooms the planet to run-away global warming. Ladies and Gentlemen, that is a myth.

So how has the entire global warming frenzy with all its predictions of dire consequences, become so widely believed, accepted and regarded as a real threat to planet Earth? That is the most amazing part of the story.

To start with global warming has the backing of the United Nations, a major world force. Second, it has the backing of a former Vice President and very popular political figure. Third it has the endorsement of Hollywood, and that’s enough for millions. And, fourth, the environmentalists love global warming. It is their tool to combat fossil fuels. So with the environmentalists, the UN, Gore and Hollywood touting Global Warming and predictions of doom and gloom, the media has scrambled with excitement to climb aboard. After all the media loves a crisis. From Y2K to killer bees the media just loves to tell us our lives are threatened. And the media is biased toward liberal, so it’s pre-programmed to support Al Gore and UN. CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, The LA Times, The Washington Post, the Associated Press and here in San Diego The Union Tribune are all constantly promoting the global warming crisis.

So who is going to go against all of that power? Not the politicians. So now the President of the United States, just about every Governor, most Senators and most Congress people, both of the major current candidates for President, most other elected officials on all levels of government are all riding the Al Gore Global Warming express. That is one crowded bus.

I suspect you haven’t heard it because the mass media did not report it, but I am not alone on the no man-made warming side of this issue. On May 20th, a list of the names of over thirty-one thousand scientists who refute global warming was released. Thirty-one thousand of which 9,000 are Ph.D's. Think about that. Thirty-one thousand. That dwarfs the supposed 2,500 scientists on the UN panel. In the past year, five hundred of scientists have issued public statements challenging global warming. A few more join the chorus every week. There are about 100 defectors from the UN IPCC. There was an International Conference of Climate Change Skeptics in New York in March of this year. One hundred of us gave presentations. Attendance was limited to six hundred people. Every seat was taken. There are a half dozen excellent internet sites that debunk global warming. And, thank goodness for KUSI and Michael McKinnon, its owner. He allows me to post my comments on global warming on the website Following the publicity of my position from Fox News, Glen Beck on CNN, Rush Limbaugh and a host of other interviews, thousands of people come to the website and read my comments. I get hundreds of supportive emails from them. No I am not alone and the debate is not over.

In my remarks in New York I speculated that perhaps we should sue Al Gore for fraud because of his carbon credits trading scheme. That remark has caused a stir in the fringe media and on the internet. The concept is that if the media won’t give us a hearing and the other side will not debate us, perhaps we could use a Court of law to present our papers and our research and if the Judge is unbiased and understands science, we win. The media couldn’t ignore that. That idea has become the basis for legal research by notable attorneys and discussion among global warming debunkers, but it’s a long way from the Court room.

I am very serious about this issue. I think stamping out the global warming scam is vital to saving our wonderful way of life.

The battle against fossil fuels has controlled policy in this country for decades. It was the environmentalist’s prime force in blocking any drilling for oil in this country and the blocking the building of any new refineries, as well. So now the shortage they created has sent gasoline prices soaring. And, it has lead to the folly of ethanol, which is also partly behind the fuel price increases; that and our restricted oil policy. The ethanol folly is also creating a food crisis throughout the world – it is behind the food price rises for all the grains, for cereals, bread, everything that relies on corn or soy or wheat, including animals that are fed corn, most processed foods that use corn oil or soybean oil or corn syrup. Food shortages or high costs have led to food riots in some third world countries and made the cost of eating out or at home budget busting for many.

So now the global warming myth actually has lead to the chaos we are now enduring with energy and food prices. We pay for it every time we fill our gas tanks. Not only is it running up gasoline prices, it has changed government policy impacting our taxes, our utility bills and the entire focus of government funding. And, now the Congress is considering a cap and trade carbon credits policy. We the citizens will pay for that, too. It all ends up in our taxes and the price of goods and services.

So the Global warming frenzy is, indeed, threatening our civilization. Not because global warming is real; it is not. But because of the all the horrible side effects of the global warming scam.

I love this civilization. I want to do my part to protect it.

If Al Gore and his global warming scare dictates the future policy of our governments, the current economic downturn could indeed become a recession, drift into a depression and our modern civilization could fall into an abyss. And it would largely be a direct result of the global warming frenzy.

My mission, in what is left of a long and exciting lifetime, is to stamp out this Global Warming silliness and let all of us get on with enjoying our lives and loving our planet, Earth.

[EagleEye: The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?]

Friday, November 28, 2008

Good For The Goose, Not The Gander

When President Bush had his second inauguration party, the amount of money raised was about $42 million. because of the amount of people involved, the city of Washington DC had to foot a bill of around $17 million.

The democrats were out in force, screaming that it was too much. Bush should send money to aide the Tsunami victims in Asia. Congressmen even wrote letters to the president:



President George W. Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Mr. President:

The festivities surrounding your inauguration later this month are slated to cost $40 million – making this the most expensive inauguration in history. I urge you to re-direct those funds towards a use more fitting to these sober times – bonuses or equipment for our troops.

Precedent suggests that inaugural festivities should be muted – if not canceled – in wartime. In the midst of World War II, President Roosevelt held his 1945 inaugural at the White House, making a short speech and serving guests cold chicken salad and plain pound cake. During World War I, President Wilson did not have any parties at his 1917 inaugural, saying that such festivities would be undignified.

Furthermore, $40 million could provide substantial support for our troops overseas. For example, we could buy armor for 690 unarmored humvees or provide a $290 bonus for each member of the armed services station in Iraq.

Please re-direct all the funds raised for the inauguration to our brave men and women in uniform.

So now that Obama is taking personal donations of up to $50,000 dollars, that the city of Washington DC is having to bring in over 4,000 additional police to help with security, with the city expecting to foot a bill of some $50 million dollars, where are all of the political activists?

Is it because, maybe, that it did not matter WHAT President Bush did it was wrong? Is it because orgiastic excess is only good when YOUR guy wins? Is it maybe that everyone cares not, for it is The One who is ascending to the throne?

What happened to the hurting American who cannot pay their mortgages? What happened to the Mumbai people who were slaughtered like lambs this week? Why are we not taking all of the donations and sending the money to them?

I guess this is what Change means. Minds change based on what suits their need.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Global Cooling

So, I am a firm believer that we need to do something about pollution in the world. What I have disagreed with is that Global Warming is an alarming man-made event. I am scientific by nature and what I really hate more than anything is that there are pundits screaming from just one side of the aisle.

So now, the more I research, the more I am finding to refute all of the global warming fury. Start by reading my previous post entitled The Third War. There you will find some interesting scientific comments by leading climatologists.

Now, according to reports from Norway, we have this:

After years of decline, glaciers in Norway are again growing, reports the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE). The actual magnitude of the growth, which appears to have begun over the last two years, has not yet been quantified, says NVE Senior Engineer Hallgeir Elvehøy...

"DailyTech has previously reported on the growth in Alaskan glaciers, reversing a 250-year trend of loss. Some glaciers in Canada, California, and New Zealand are also growing, as the result of both colder temperatures and increased snowfall.
"Elvehøy says that the glaciers were even smaller during the 'Medieval Warm Period' of the Viking Era, prior to around the year 1350.

"Not all Norwegian glaciers appear to be affected, most notably those in the Jotenheimen region of Southern Norway."

From The Daily Tech:

Despite the recent growth, most glaciers in the nation are still smaller than they were in 1982. However, Elvehøy says that the glaciers were even smaller during the 'Medieval Warm Period' of the Viking Era, prior to around the year 1350.

And from we have this MIT research:

Boston (MA) - Scientists at MIT have recorded a nearly simultaneous world-wide increase in methane levels. This is the first increase in ten years, and what baffles science is that this data contradicts theories stating man is the primary source of increase for this greenhouse gas. It takes about one full year for gases generated in the highly industrial northern hemisphere to cycle through and reach the southern hemisphere. However, since all worldwide levels rose simultaneously throughout the same year, it is now believed this may be part of a natural cycle in mother nature - and not the direct result of man's contributions.

You can look at the amount of sunspot activity by viewing this image from to Solar Science department at NASA. It shows an extremely low sunspot activity for the past couple of years.


I'm sorry, but the world needs to wake up and quit buying that man is the cause of everything. Are there pollution issues? Yes. Do I want better fuel economy so there is less carbon emitted? Yes. Do I want to preserve the forests by finding alternative methods to making paper? Yes.

But quit making things sound so alarming, when the only thing it does is line your pockets.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What Did I Do Now?

So I just got off the phone with Steven Lee, a University of Georgia law student. Some may be aware that Steven has created the New Republican movement through his blog at He has received some great press, including local papers as well as

Anyway, we were speaking as to what leadership is, and what I might be looking for in the Republican party, when the subject of my current profession came up. I, of course, build web sites.

So now, it seems, I have allowed myself to offer to build a website around which the movement can revolve. Look for more on this as time goes, but I am pretty stoked about it.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why Don't We Hang Pirates Anymore?

As posted in the Wall Street Journal Opinion Section

by Bret Stephens

Why Don't We Hang Pirates Anymore?

It's a safe bet, dear reader, that the title of this column has caused you to either (a) roll your eyes and wonder, What century do you think we're living in? or (b) scratch your head and ask, Yes, why don't we? Wherever you come down, the question defines a fault line in the civilized world's view about the latest encroachment of barbarism.

Year-to-date, Somalia-based pirates have attacked more than 90 ships, seized more than 35, and currently hold 17. Some 280 crew members are being held hostage, and two have been killed. Billions of dollars worth of cargo have been seized; millions have been paid in ransom. A multinational naval force has attempted to secure a corridor in the Gulf of Aden, through which 12% of the total volume of seaborne oil passes, and U.S., British and Indian naval ships have engaged the pirates by force. Yet the number of attacks keeps rising.

Why? The view of senior U.S. military officials seems to be, in effect, that there is no controlling legal authority. Title 18, Chapter 81 of the United States Code establishes a sentence of life in prison for foreigners captured in the act of piracy. But, crucially, the law is only enforceable against pirates who attack U.S.-flagged vessels, of which today there are few.

What about international law? Article 110 of the U.N.'s Law of the Sea Convention -- ratified by most nations, but not by the U.S. -- enjoins naval ships from simply firing on suspected pirates. Instead, they are required first to send over a boarding party to inquire of the pirates whether they are, in fact, pirates. A recent U.N. Security Council resolution allows foreign navies to pursue pirates into Somali waters -- provided Somalia's tottering government agrees -- but the resolution expires next week. As for the idea of laying waste, Stephen Decatur-like, to the pirate's prospering capital port city of Eyl, this too would require U.N. authorization. Yesterday, a shippers' organization asked NATO to blockade the Somali coast. NATO promptly declined.

Then there is the problem of what to do with captured pirates. No international body similar to the old Admiralty Courts is currently empowered to try pirates and imprison them. The British foreign office recently produced a legal opinion warning Royal Navy ships not to take pirates captive, lest they seek asylum in the U.K. or otherwise face repatriation in jurisdictions where they might be dealt with harshly, in violation of the British Human Rights Act.

In March 2006, the U.S. Navy took 11 pirates prisoner, six of whom were injured. Not wanting to set a precedent for trying pirates in U.S. courts, the State Department turned to Kenya to do the job. The injured spent weeks aboard the USS Nassau, enjoying First World medical care.

All this legal exquisiteness stands in contrast to what was once a more robust attitude. Pirates, said Cicero, were hostis humani generis -- enemies of the human race -- to be dealt with accordingly by their captors. Tellingly, Cicero's notion of piracy vanished in the Middle Ages; its recovery traces the recovery of the West itself.

By the 18th century, pirates knew exactly where they stood in relation to the law. A legal dictionary of the day spelled it out: "A piracy attempted on the Ocean, if the Pirates are overcome, the Takers may immediately inflict a Punishment by hanging them up at the Main-yard End; though this is understood where no legal judgment may be obtained."

Severe as the penalty may now seem (albeit necessary, since captured pirates were too dangerous to keep aboard on lengthy sea voyages), it succeeded in mostly eliminating piracy by the late 19th century -- a civilizational achievement no less great than the elimination of smallpox a century later.

Today, by contrast, a Navy captain who takes captured pirates aboard his state-of-the-art warship will have a brig in which to keep them securely detained, and instantaneous communications through which he can obtain higher guidance and observe the rule of law.

Yet what ought to be a triumph for both justice and security has turned out closer to the opposite. Instead of greater security, we get the deteriorating situation described above. And in pursuit of a better form of justice -- chiefly defined nowadays as keeping a clear conscience -- we get (at best) a Kenyan jail. "We're humane warriors," says one U.S. Navy officer. "When the pirates put down their RPGs and raise their hands, we take them alive. And that's a lot tougher than taking bodies."

Piracy, of course, is hardly the only form of barbarism at work today: There are the suicide bombers on Israeli buses, the stoning of Iranian women, and so on. But piracy is certainly the most primordial of them, and our collective inability to deal with it says much about how far we've regressed in the pursuit of what is mistakenly thought of as a more humane policy. A society that erases the memory of how it overcame barbarism in the past inevitably loses sight of the meaning of civilization, and the means of sustaining it.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Quote Of The Week

I was watching some youtube videos regarding th ebailouts going on and came across this GEM of a quote:

“Maybe we should get John Madden to explain it to people with a yellow marker. Send Captain Obvious to congress to reach their level of comprehension.”

Beautiful! This quote was in reference to Jim Rogers commenting that if you listen to a guy tell you something for 100 weeks, and he always gets it wrong, why would you continue to listen to him.

This was in reference to Hank Paulsen our floundering Treasury Secretary (who will be replaced by his second-in-charge under Obama, so we will get MORE bailouts with SAME results).

See the video below.

The Revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Better Than Babe Ruth's Legendary Called Shot

So a couple of posts ago, I mentioned something about the Ukraine being the center of an upcoming incident with Russia, shortly after Obama is sworn in.

Please note the following comments from a story on, which serves Moscow:

Eser Alexi Mitrofanov predicts Ukraine collapse and reunification with Russia

The economic crises will lead to the fact that the Ukraine will stop production and the country will join the Russian Federation. This broadcast channel "Ukraine" said the representative of the party "Fair Russia" Alexi Mitrofanov. "The economic crises arranges everything in its place. 16 billion for Ukraine is very little.

[EagleEye Note: The IMF floated 16 billion to the nation to help with economic issues]

Russia will increase gas prices, Ukraine's industry will not be because the metals will not be able to survive with such a high price for gas." he says.

..."There is no other way. America will not feed you"...

...The major problem remains the gas bill of Kiev...

...Note that at the end of last week, the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev called on the head of the OAO Gazprom Alexi Miller to recover from the Ukraine the gas bill, by force if necessary...

Interesting story indeed. I want to note that this story is dated today, 24 November 2008 at 15:09 Russia time.

EuroPac continues to be my guiding economic light in all of this, as they continually hit the mark with assessment on just what is going on in the world.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Side Note On Afghanistan

In November 22nd, Senator Barack Obama (I have taken to not calling him President-elect until he is confirmed next month) spoke with the President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai and told him that America would commit more troops into the region as soon as Obama is sworn in as president.

Obama was tough on the leaders of Afghanistan and Pakistan during the campaign, but I am glad that he is keeping at least one of his promises made during campaigning.

What I worry about, though, is that if he is going to immediately add more troops, what difference will it make to our forces? They will be leaving the urban jungle of Iraq for the just-as-deadly hills of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

I see a vicious circle developing. We leave one area to fight another, then have to come back to area one when the bad guys regroup there (or some new region?)

We learned nothing from the Russians who tried to conquer this area. I am all for the good fight, but there comes a time when a country need to defend ITSELF. That has been my greatest gripe about Iraq- when will the people decides that enough is enough and help America rid them of the terrorists.

Anyway, just a side note that regardless for what he says, our future president appears to be the same as the rest. Say what it takes to get elected, then do whatever they want afterwards.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Why Wasn’t I Told

So I was just browsing around, you know, the internet, looking for something to blog about that might be interesting. I saw a report that the ski resorts in Vail Colorado were glad that we now have a single-party congress because now something would be done about global warming. After all, it is totally global warming’s fault that they are having slower-than-normal business this year, and might need aid in these tough economic times.

The report does fail to mention, however, that last year, the Colorado ski industry enjoyed some pretty good snowfall. I believe the term ‘record’ was used, but I am just going from memory, so do not quote me.

I saw An Inconvenient Truth.  It was a decent film as far as production goes, but I never buy into anything that is one-sided. Like my politics, I want to hear the honesty from both sides. Tell me the TRUTH unwashed and let ME decide what I think is right.

So anyway, of course, the movie did much to stir the debate about global warming. As such, I decided to get some dissenting viewpoints. They are always present, and so it makes it hard to know what it is true and what is not. I tried to get scientific data, not something put out by media.

Then I struck a VERY interesting article written back in 2003. I would have to call it scientific- it is from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. If they don’t have data, who would?

I won’t bore you with the entire story, but will say that you should read it in its entirety here. I will provide you a synopsis.

The sun works in cycles. A solar cycle runs about every 11 years, when the sun hits a ‘maximum’ energy output due to sun spot activity that is pointed our way, which is followed by a slow period of ‘minimum’ output.

Interestingly, during the slow periods, it has been noted that the energy output (the minimum) has increased by about .05 percent per decade. That is a pretty small number, but according to NASA, that very little, sustained over a long period (say about 100 years?) could have a significant impact on climate.

SIGNIFICANT impact on climate. SO what they are saying, in effect, is that even though we only have really good, solid data from about 1970 onward, we can determine that the sun’s increased activity could be a major factor in the cause of global warming.

While .05% is not much, one must also understand that 2% of the sun’s output equates to the entire energy used by the ENTIRE PLANET in a full YEAR.

Why was I not told this? I am an avid science geek and I have not once heard of this. Could it be because guys like Al Gore, who make money (in the form of donations to their foundations) from spouting the end of the world won’t let us? Is it because there are those who legitimately want the world to go back to a non-industrialized place and so will help hype up the actual problem? Perhaps the ‘green’ people have a vested interest in getting THEIR products marketed over, say, current industries?

I am all for protecting the environment. I am all for making our planet as healthy as possible by recycling and trying cleaner fuels. What I am NOT about, is getting snowed over again and again by people who have the money and resources t0 scream louder than me.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Predicted Crisis?

As we all know, a few weeks back Vice President-Elect Joe Biden predicted a guaranteed crisis that will be engineered to test the new president. The trick, I think, is to look and see just where that crisis might come from.

Of course, one big spot would be an altercation between Israel and either Syria or Iran. Particularly disturbing is the report that Iran now has enough nuclear fuel to construct a bomb. Lovely notion, is it not?

But where else? I predict Russia. And here is the logic behind my reasoning. I cannot claim credit, as I get my information from a collection of experts around the world, but many are saying the same thing. The troubling fact is, is that they sound extremely convincing to me. So, here goes.

Russia invaded Georgia (not in the US, Grace, in Europe..;)). The reason that they did so, though never admitted, was the fact that Georgia lies on a very key energy trade line. Oil and natural gas pipe right through that country. Russia's economy has been booming because of petrol dollars as well as natural gas, the combination of which makes up a sizeable portion of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

When governments make their budgets, they look ahead to see what the mark will be like. In Russia's case, oil was going at $140 a barrel, with predictions going as high as $500 for next year! Of course, not being stupid, the Russian legislature predicted a conservative value of $70 a barrel for next year. If you saw the market today, the price per barrel is under $50 and there are predictions that it might go as low as $10-$30! The Russian government will lose a significant amount of revenue because of the global economic crisis.

Now then. In Russia there is a large company called Gazprom, which is that country's natural gas provider. For all intents, it is a monopoly which used to be run by Mendenev, the current Russian president. Through parliament, the company was granted permission to form its own 'pipeline security force' designed to stave off would-be terrorist attacks. Of course, the entire force is comprised of former Russian special forces, replete with aircraft, tanks and military-style weaponry. To top it off, they have the support of the Russian military, who will back them if needed.

The reason that this company is important, is that with oil down, Russia's natural gas economy becomes doubly important. Right now, they provide some countries like the Ukraine and Hungary with 70-80% of their natural gas! Russia also gets some supplies at half-price and resells to Europe at full price.

Step in, now, to some smaller countries in the western region that are building gas pipelines through Georgia. The project, called Nabucco, will seriously cut into Russian profits, which are already way down. See the reason why Russia invaded? And, contrary to what may be believed, they are NOT going anywhere soon. They cannot afford to.

Straight from EuroPac:

In Eastern Europe, the Cold-War era pipeline carrying gas into Europe runs through Belarus and Ukraine. Since Ukraine's freedom-loving president Viktor Yushchenko is a friend of the West - even applying for NATO membership - that section of the pipeline has become Russia's Achilles heel. That's because Russia's main "peace-time" weapon to keep down uppity neighbors is natural gas. Consider this:

  • Ukraine relies on Russia for 71% of its gas needs.
  • Hungary obtains over 80% of its natural gas from Russia.
  • The Baltic countries, Finland, and Slovakia are almost entirely dependent on Russian supplies.
  • Even Turkey receives most of its gas from Russia.

Right now, the European Union has to import 57% of its natural gas. This will rise to 84% by 2030. Much will come from Russia. And most of this gas is still shipped through that Cold War-era pipeline that crosses Ukraine. The two countries have a history of pipeline-related hostilities!

Russia's gas monopoly Gazprom has choked off gas flows to Ukraine in the past: Russia doubled the gas price for Ukraine in 2006... raised it by 37% in 2007... and by 38% this year. When Ukraine couldn't pay, they simply cut off gas deliveries. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in June that his country may double the gas price again for 2009. In view of its budget situation and the continuing efforts to push through the Nabucco Project, Russia needs to strike again. The timing is crucial. It will have to happen when...

  • Ukraine and Europe require gas most, in the dead of winter...
  • The probability of U.S. interference is minimal, due to an inexperienced, "non-confrontational" new administration...
  • The economic situation in Europe is critical thanks to the recent financial crisis!
  • Russia will raise the price of its natural gas to the Ukraine, who will not be able to pay.

/END EuroPac Report

The Gazprom will cut off the flow of gas to that country and the Ukraine will not be able to resell the gas to Europe, causing a major economic issue.

If Ukraine moves to block the pipeline, Gazprom's troops will move to "protect" their business interests. Gas prices will go rise at the threat of armed conflict. And Russian stocks will collapse as investors pull out in a panic. (Remember what happened when Russia invaded Georgia?)

As investors sell off Gazprom stock, the Russian government will then step in to nobly buy up the stocks in an effort to aid the company. When all is said and done, Russia will have nationalized Gazprom, and be in control of the entire natural gas line in the country.

Sound implausible? Remember 1991?

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Question For All

So, I see all of these blogspot blogs here, and of course I came here during the 'Palin' explosion. However, I am not really sure how many people I am getting here on my blog.

I am a web developer by trade. I am thinking of creating a website for The New Republican ( a great blog by UGA dude Steven Lee). In it, I would track what is going on inside our party, who is who, etc. As well, provide blog space. I envision it as a location for conservatives to gather to promote our party ideals.

I kind of envision it as an RNC - Blogosphere - Newspaper - sort of site.

Post a comment to this so I can get an idea of interest. I may even put up a survey regarding it as well.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Quote of the Week

So I follow a few different blogs, both on blogspot and not. One of my favorite VERY right blogs is managed by Michelle Malkin. While I do not always follow her hard right slants, I do for the most part agree with her visions and interpretations.

In response to the recent eHarmony fiasco, Michelle posted an initial and now follow-up pair of posts on the matter. Not only did they pay the plaintiff off with $5K and a free membership, look at some of the additionals:

* eHarmony, Inc. will post photos of same-sex couples in the “Diversity” section of its Web site as successful relationships are created using the company’s same-sex matching service. In addition, eHarmony, Inc. will include photos of same-sex couples, as well as individual same-sex users, in advertising materials used to promote its same-sex matching services;

* eHarmony, Inc. will revise anti-discrimination statements placed on company Web sites, in company handbooks and other company publications to make plain that it does not discriminate on the basis of “sexual orientation;”

* the company has committed to advertising and public relations/ marketing dedicated to its same-sex matching service, and will retain a media consultant experienced in promoting the “fair, accurate and inclusive” representation of gay and lesbian people in the media to determine the most effective way of reaching the gay and lesbian communities.


Of course, her dedicated following jumped all over the red meat provided by Ms. Malkin, pretty much all of which I agreed with. However, one user, tre, summed it all up beautifully for me and thus gets my Quote of the Week award.

On November 21st, 2008 at 12:01 pm, tre said:

Whom do I see about suing Al Qaeda and Hamas for not admitting Christians?


The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Hero Of The Week has a blog that I browse called Broadside Blog. In it, they do things like Hero of the Week, which demonstrates that there are great things going on in the war, regardless of what the Main Stream Media (MSM) would have you believe.

I like the idea, and since a lot of people who may visit my blog are not aware of their reports, I shall repeat them as often as they put them out. It is the LEASTR I can do for my brothers and sisters still engaged with the good fight.

Broadside Blog

“This is jacked up” - Sgt. Gregory Ruske
Posted by Bacon on November 19th, 2008 filed in Hero of the week

Sgt. Gregory Ruske (DOD photo)

Sergeant Ruske, a juvenile corrections officer in Denver, has another job too. In his spare time, he fights with the Army in Afghanistan.

In April, while serving with 3rd Platoon, A Company, Task Force Gladiator, Combined Joint Task Force 101 in a remote part of Kapisa province, he and his fellow soldiers were ambushed by Taliban fighters.

Ruske laid down covering fire to allow his platoon to get to safety, then climbed to a rooftop to continue fighting. He took a bullet to the hip. He also saw an Afghan Police Officer pinned down and trying to crawl away. Bullets were hitting the dirt just inches from his head.

“‘Man, this is jacked up,’ Ruske recalled thinking. ‘They are still shooting at this guy. He is still bleeding and shot. And I said, “We have to go get him.’” (Armed Forces Press Service)

After arranging for cover fire, Ruske and Spc. Eric Seagraves ran into the open, grabbed the injured Afghan, and dragged him to safety. Although wounded, both the policemen and Ruske survived.

A juvenile corrections officer from Colorado, a Soldier and a warrior, Sergeant Gregory Ruske is our hero of the week.

Army Sgt. Gregory S. Ruske, center, and an interpreter try to calm Afghan National Police officers he helped save after they were wounded in combat in the Afghanya Valley of Afghanistan’s Kapisa province, April 21, 2008. Ruske, the interpreter and the officers were on patrol as part of Combined Joint Task Force 101 when they came under insurgent attack. Ruske will receive the Silver Star for his actions. (U.S. Army caption and photo)

For a full account of the battle, read “Army Reservist to Receive Silver Star for Heroism in Afghanistan.”

To hear a recap in his own voice, click on DefenseLink, and scroll down to the “Kirby and Company” interview.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

When I Get Where I'm Going

The world is a cruel and imposing place. I try to do my part to keep those who stumble across my postings enlightened with what is up in the world, and to that end I bring you a bit of news from right here in my neighborhood.

The faculty and staff  were saddened to learn of the death of one of our first grade students, Alisha XXXXX. While only in first grade, Alisha was widely known and loved around school. She touched many of us with her bravery and determination.

Alisha was afflicted with a birth defect and died undergoing an operation. I did not personally know her, but had seen her while spending lunch with my daughter at school. As the letter above indicates, this young lady was PHENOMINALLY popular with both staff and student. For that, I am posting this to serve as a constant reminder that some things in life DO matter; others, like petty politics, do not.

R.I.P dear girl.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More progressive culture wins

If you have not read it yet, let me enlighten you.

eHarmony was sued by a gay man for discriminatory practice.  They settled out of court for $5,000 and a one-year free membership.

Also, they are going to create a gay mate site.

I shall now silence myself and await the Grace Explosion.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Iran is BUSTED

From the news wire:


U.S.: Senior Iranian Commando Arrested in Iraq


BAGHDAD —  The U.S. military says it has arrested an alleged senior member of the Iranian security forces suspected of funneling weapons into Iraq.

The military says in a statement released Wednesday that the alleged member of Iran's Revolutionary Guards' elite Quds force was detained at Baghdad Airport while trying to leave the country on Tuesday.

The military says the suspect was using a job building and repairing religious sites in Iraq as cover to funnel weapons into the country.

The U.S. alleges the Iranian was smuggling weapons into Iraq in legitimate shipments of building materials.

The U.S. has long accused Iran of training and arming Shiite extremist groups in Iraq and fueling the insurgency.

Tehran denies the charges.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Learn to speak Chinese

Where to begin. Ok. How about in the middle.

Our economy took a major downturn due to the over-inflation of housing prices in the market. Predatory lending to get high risk borrowers into homes allowed people who, quite frankly, had no business getting into a loan they could not afford. So it all collapsed around us.

Just prior to that, our wise government saw a slowing of the economy and took measures to try and reinvigorate it. They sent out somewhere around $172 billion dollars. Of course, we didn't have that kind of money so we borrowed it.

Where did the money go? Of course, America is a nation if users, so the checks went there.  I, personally, maximized my gift at $2400 dollars. In fact, of the total sum, 87% was geared to the consumer and 13% to producers. Why is that a factor?

Follow me as I reenact exactly what the guys at EuroPac have said.

Our economy is way larger than China's, roughly five times as big. However, China just released $600 billion to their economy for aid, which is about four times what we did. Since they are smaller, this had the same effect as if we would have dumped $3 trillion dollars into our economy. That is a staggering 17 times our paltry $172 billion .

So what, you may ask?

Well, as it turns out, the vast majority of the Chinese stimulus is geared toward their producers of goods. It allows infrastructure development so that Chinese production remains highly competitive in the global market. Basically, they are helping their country to MAKE MORE GOODS TO SELL TO THE AMERICANS WHO ARE WASTING THE MONEY BUYING CRAP THEY DO NOT NEED.

As well, and this is  personal opinion, I imagine that a lot of folks did what I did with the first stimulus. I stashed some in the bank and used some to pay a bill. A bill that will still be there next time, that I always pay, and which does nothing to help the economy.

America needs to stop consuming like greedy, starving idiots and get back to what makes the economy strong; start producing quality goods so we, too can remain competitive.

I just wish our congressional leaders would learn to speak a little Chinese. We would all be a bit better off for it.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

And So The CHANGE Begins

As reported elsewhere, Obama has made some modifications to his site. He now states how he will get civil rights granted to gays, because it seems that sexual orientation is now a civil matter.

I am a knuckle-dragging Neanderthal and could not begin to capture my anger as eloquently as Grace.

Read her rant here.

Preach it Grace! As I said before, I have your back.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

The Third War

So we have Iraq, of course, and Afghanistan, but what is this third war? Technically it is not really a war of weaponry but a war of ideas. In this case I am going to take a stand on the climate war being waged. I am one who tends to be a bit less conservative when it comes to ecology. I want to protect habitats and fully agree that we as world slobs have a lot to do in cleaning up our act.

But I have always tried to keep an open mind with respect to the whole global warming thing. I watched An Inconvenient Truth; I even did a report on in for my English I class. But I have never really bought into it, as there are plenty of nay-sayers out there.

Al Gore and his crowd will shout that 99.9% of the scientific community agree on the global warming thing. They say that their data is irrefutable. Well, tell me that and I will find those who DO refute it. The funny thing is, the guys who refute it are the top guys in the business.

Take it in, make your own decision. Personally, I am keeping an open mind- though I want nuclear power here in the US and less use of oil for power. I think the guys on THIS side of the story provide a very compelling case as well. The problem THEY have, is that Al and company use emotion to draw you in and not just cold, hard facts. Interestingly enough, President-elect Obama did much of the same thing.



The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

The Army Under Obama

Here is a great article explaining how the army MIGHT fare under an Obama administration. For those red meat seekers, don’t bother. This is a fair look at the situation and all the the president-elect has to face.

The item to watch is the lifting of a ban on gays in the military. There are some 100 FORMER army generals and admirals supporting a lift on the ban. Where were these guys while they were active? Apparently the political correctness of our day and age has seeped into them. Perhaps they want a piece of the political pie?

I served. I saw what happened when ships went co-ed. It was tough. I lost a sailor because she got pregnant (on purpose, reportedly) and had to be removed from the ship. Fraternization was always a major issue, and people were constantly in trouble.

It was not the constant free-for-all some may have claimed it to be, but the loss of even one sailor hurts. That sailor was not replaced. The billet was supposed to be for a certain length of time- usually 2 to 4 years depending on the billet- and if the sailor was removed for whatever reason, it was a really long time before the system adjusted and we could submit a new requisition.

Putting gays in that situation is detrimental to morale. I am not homophobic; as I have said, I have folks that I am friends with who are gay. No biggie. But it IS a morale issue, as well as an issue regarding fraternization. I cannot put it any more bluntly than I have no doubt that the allowing of gays in the military (openly) would embolden them to be sexually promiscuous. I am NOT gay, and I went nuts sometimes, being away from women for 6 months at a time.

I’m not sorry that I feel that way. Issues like this are important to the continued success of our guys and gals in uniform.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Coast Guard Setting The Standard

Immigration. Who among us has not pondered what the right way of doing things should be? Well, as always, our military forces are out there setting the standard. Since 2006 they have been involved in a biometric program to ‘tag’ and identify would-be illegal aliens.

No, they do not tag them physically. However, finger prints and digital photos are taken for record, and when someone is caught more than once they are instantly identifiable.

Information is collected and then uploaded via satellite to a main database where the records become available to all units. Imagine that. They are using technology to work for them in securing our borders.

Read here for the full story.

Stay strong, my Coastie brethren. Keep up the great work.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Tough Love

From sarahpalindeservesyourvote:

Tough Love...

The world seems to want me to "compromise"... in the name of love. I got news for the world. I practice "tough love" and spiritual power and authority in the Lord Jesus Christ. There's your love.
In California people are threatening to burn down churches, have attacked Christians violently, are being aggressively hostile as they protest at churches, and are engaging in hate crimes on numerous levels. The left exemplifies and justifies extreme mob violence and hate. They want love "their way" as in "Give me everything I want - do as I say - or I'm going to burn down your churches and kill you." (That's the level threats that have been expressed towards Christians.) They actually believe in murder in place of democracy based on statements they've made.

As Christians, we are not called to put up with this violence and hate and persecution. This calls for tough love, not compromise.
If the world wants me to compromise my Christian values and beliefs so that they can have moral and sexual anarchy as well as violence in anarchy... NO! If the world doesn't think that's the kind of "love" they want: "Tough".

It's not OUR JOB PEOPLE to convince other people to try to "win their souls" in our own strength and power. We need to use common sense and enforce civil authority. We cannot allow anarchy and violence.

These extremist haters must be stopped and their behavior curtailed by civil authority. We need to compromise LESS in the name of "love". We cannot compromise principles, values, beliefs, or self-protection and self-preservation. We must stand firm in "tough love". We've got to look out for ourselves here. Think of the Christians who will be attacked if Christians don't stand up for what's right and insist that order is maintained. If this escalates because it's not dealt with firmly, innocent people may potentially be hurt. Christians must band together to practice "tough love".

We cannot save people by showing them our soft white underbelly. If they are not convinced by the Holy Spirit as we preach the cross of Jesus Christ, no amount of weakness on our part is going to save them. It's time for tough love, America!!


[Note from EagleEye: Preach it Grace!!]

Biden The Wise

VP-elect Joe Biden called it correctly. He said that we should ‘mark my words’ that President-elect Obama would be tested within six months of taking office.

We don’t even have to wait that long. Hamas has already started attacking Israel, when recently nearly a dozen rockets landed. Not too long ago, Russia said that they had moved rockets near Poland, to ‘protect’ against the US missile site being established there.

How will Mr. Obama react? I find it interesting that no one has spoken up or addressed this. Was not our newly-elected savior harangued  over his alleged ties to Palestinian leadership? Will he come to the aid of our fiercest ally in the Middle East? Will he insist on ‘talking’ while Israel is besieged from all fronts?

Time will tell.  I just hope our friends can hold on long enough.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

The Trojan Candidate

For those following the Obama POTUS eligibility saga, here is the latest that I have found. It is dated yesterday  and posted on texasdarlin’s blog.

I am not holding out hope, but if things are before the Supreme Court, there may be hope for us yet. Regardless of what happens, read the blog and see just how ugly it will get. No matter what you think about the issue, it is a fascinating read.

Read the blog here.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Ok, I will Say It

Congressional leaders are just plain stupid. They get elected for whatever reason, but not one has any clue about how to save our failed economy. In particular, our Democratic leaders want us to spend even more money- to save the economy – which will cause more problems – so we can spend more money to save the economy – getting the pattern here?

Um, correct me if I am wrong, but is not uncontrolled spending by the American consumer what got us into this problem in the first place? Too much buying on credit, inability to pay back the loans, foreclosure, bankruptcy, crashed economy.

There is a proposal on the hill to give tax breaks to those who buy new cars by the end of 2009. Great. We are broke, credit has stopped (I cannot even get a pair of student loans added to my already consolidated loan because of the crunch, even though it was an error by the lender that they were not already added- the result of which is I now have a second payment), and our leaders want us to SPEND SPEND SPEND. Obviously, they want us to be so far in debt that the government will have to step in and take control of MY finances.

Hey. That might not be so bad. The Fed buying shares of me? Where is my billion dollar bailout, sir?


See the details of the idiot congressional leaders here.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

How Many More

Shamnesty. That is all it is. Our government as well as lower officials are so concerned with public opinion that they are not willing to take a stand and make immigration work.

How many more will be jailed for illegal drug crimes?

How many more will be caught and let go because agencies do not communicate?

How many more of our young will be killed at the hands of these criminals?

How many more will have to get on TV to explain the hurt that loss of a loved one brings?

Someone in congress needs to grow a backbone and stand up for what is RIGHT for the country, not what is politically expedient.

Here are just two of the myriad of cases I am talking about:

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

For The Troops

Never too late to say thanks to my brothers and sisters who still carry the torch.


Hoo Rah! and Semper Fi to all of my Shipmates!

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

The Tale Gets Taller

[This was posted at on October 31, 2008. It explains what is coming. So, hold onto your wallet!]

When inexplicable events perplexed our early forbears, village wise men concocted elaborate and colorful explanations to soothe the populace. Earthquakes, hailstorms, and solar eclipses were all ascribed to root causes that made sense to the villagers and increased the esteem of the story tellers. The recent, unexpected surge of the U.S. dollar has led many Wall Street witch doctors to conjure a series of logic-defying tales to give reason to what is surely the random scramble of a confused herd. Wall Street spun similar yarns during the and real estate bubbles as investors groped for reasons to justify sky high prices.

The recent surge, which has pushed the dollar up more than 30% against some currencies in recent months, is purely a short-term technical phenomenon. The move is caused by global investment deleveraging, in which major financial players are reversing (unwinding) risky trades and piling into what is erroneously perceived as the safest haven they can find. Increasingly, foreign assets, many of which had appreciated more than American assets, have been sold, and the proceeds stashed into U.S. Treasury bonds, which these investors believe to be the Fort Knox of finance. The cascade has caused momentum trades, margin calls, redemptions, and other factors having nothing to do with the underlying fundamentals of the dollar or the U.S. economy. In fact, all that has happened to the U.S. economy, and all that the government has done, and is likely to do, in their misguided attempts to contain the damage, is extremely bearish for the U.S. dollar.

Mesmerized by technical moves and oblivious as always to the fundamentals, the Wall Street brain trust has offered flimsy explanations. One popular rationale is that as bad as things are in the United States, they are even worse every place else. Still another is that since the U.S. was the first country into the crisis that we will be the first nation to come out. Still another is that since our government is acting more boldly than most to tackle the problems, our economy will not suffer as badly as others where governments have been slower to react and more timid in their responses. In addition, many still perceive the United States as the citadel of stability in a world of second-rate economies.

However, if we look beyond these “explanations,” the fundamentals loom simple and irrefutable: American borrowers of all stripes cannot afford to repay the trillions of dollars we owe. Over the past decade, the vast majority of lending has come from abroad, and as Americans don’t pay, the losses show up on foreign balance sheets. Since we blew most of the money we borrowed on consumption, we simply lack the industrial capacity to repay our debts without resorting to a printing press.

In bankruptcy, both the debtor and creditors are affected. However, while creditors take a financial hit, ramifications for debtors are typically more severe. Creditors are generally better prepared to absorb their losses. However, for bankrupt debtors usually much more substantial changes ensue.

Since America is the world’s biggest debtor, with our IOU’s broadly held by every creditor nation, the effects of our bankruptcy are being felt worldwide. However, while our creditors are suffering now, their pain will be temporary and relatively mild compared to what awaits Americans.

So while it may appear to some that things are worse abroad, that is only because the full extent of our problems has yet to be reckoned with. The main lesson our creditors will learn from this crisis is not to lend American consumers any more money. Once the lending stops, our “cart before the horse” borrow to spend economy will crumble. While the rest of the world absorbs their losses and moves on, we will be digging our way out of the rubble for years to come.

Earthquakes are caused by the fundamental shifts of tectonic plates beneath the Earth’s surface. A similar move is underway in the global economy. Describing either event without a basic understanding of either geology or economics will simply result in a tale being told by an idiot.

Hat Tip - Peter Schiff

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Required Reading

One thing about the United States that I believe has been lost on our youth is just how good we have it. We can go to school - we are required, rather- we can speak our minds, we can vote, we can do so much more than the rest of the world.

I imagine the reason that all of the world wants to come here is just because of that. It saddens me that our youth want to see America weakened. Oh, they don't really MEAN it, but they just don't know enough to make informed decisions. Where are they getting their information? The media? Oprah? John Stewart?

The media and entertainment as a whole has slowly eroded the core values that our nation was founded upon. When faced with moral choices, we instinctively knew what the right thing to do was. Now, with so much 'political correctness' we cannot decide what is good and what is not.

Is it good to allow unlimited killing of our unborn children? I will submit that my personal view is that in extreme cases, the life of the mother, rape, incest, etc would be acceptable to me. But, abortion for the sake of abortion is murder, in my eyes. And I am not an overtly religious person. But I do believe that I understand right from wrong.

I believe that gay marriage should be a non issue. Why must we be allowed to have their lifestyle infringed into our churches? What is the difference between a civil union and a marriage when it comes to the law? Nothing. I believe gay marriage is wrong. Why am I a bigot or a hater? I have a good friend who is gay. So? I don't think any less of him, but I will stand firm in my resolve to keep gay marriage from usurping a traditional institution.

Our youth today don't understand what we have and what it took to get it. They have not been privileged to get our history taught to them as we older generations have. The history they are taught has been modified and changed by the more liberal college professors- who then require books THEY wrote to be used in THEIR classes. No conflict of interest I am sure.

What should be required reading are the stories of those who still battle for true freedom. Let our youth hear the stories of those who are attacked and killed for their beliefs in equality and education. They should be forced to read and report  about girls like Shamsia, a 17 year old girl in Afghanistan.

Let us see how their world views change when they get inundated with the harsh reality of the world instead of the warm and fuzzy twisted truths told to them by their so-called educators.

Hat tip- Michelle Malkin.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

This really is getting sick

Could NO ONE in the federal government see the inherent problem with bailing out one company or industry in favor of another? Some very smart people said as much when they argued against it. Financial wizards everywhere said the same thing- when will it end?

Apparently, not very soon. Now, there are a group of four INSURANCE groups looking to buy some bank shares in order that they would then qualify for federal bailout money.


It is no wonder post office workers have a bad reputation. I don't even work closely (anymore) with the government and I want to choke the crap out of someone.

See the story here.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

More Great News

Peter Schiff, the president of Euro Pacific Capital called the economic crisis dead-on a few years ago. FOX, CNN, and others dismissed him as a doomsayer and even laughed at him when he expressed his crisis views.

Well, here we are, EXACTLY where he said we would be. Now, he tells us what is coming in the future. When the government continues to pump money into a broken market, they are making the problem worse. I have already said that I will never forgive anyone who voted for the bailout or any of the subsequent add-ons to it.

We need recession. I did not know know that specifically, but I knew that we needed to let businesses fail. Someone would step in to pick up the pieces. Peter confirms it and explains WHY we need a recession. Great stuff. Why is he not a top economic advisor?

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Even Europe Knows The Truth

The slippery slope that is the bailout will never stop unless congressional leaders pull their heads out of their rear ends. At the G20 Summit, even Prime Minister of England, Gordon Brown, told the US to let the auto industry file for bankruptcy. If we don't, it could spell doom in the long run.

Read here:

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Friday, November 14, 2008

More Ranting

This is, of course, old news, but this video explaining what happened to exacerbate the credit crisis is really good. If you still don't know what really happened, take a look. Blows me away that congressional leaders care so little that they are willing to risk our nation to protect their Sugar Daddies.


The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Saw It Coming A Mile Away

So the other day, American Express asked to become a bank holding company. Not that it was a big deal, but in doing so they would then be eligible for money from the $700 billion dollar piece of crap legislation passed by congress and signed by my president. But they didn't ask right away, so perhaps they were just changing their business model to adjust for the recent credit crunch. (Not!)

Well, of course, yesterday the former credit giant lined up with all of the rest and requested $3.5 billion dollars. To their credit, they are not asking for a bailout, just 'an investment'. However, Chief Crook, I mean Secretary of the Treasury Paulsen, has announced that he is not buying bad mortgages anymore but rather 'investing' in banks- of which AMEX is now one. Funny how things work out like that, eh?

Add that to the proposed crap bailout of the worst business failures in the world, the American auto industry, and the slope just keeps getting more slippery. Congressional leaders are flipping stupid. Sorry, but I wish I had the resources to run, because I have no doubt I could do better than they.

Hold on to your wallets. It will be all that you have left in the end.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

A New, Tolerant Age!

Thanks to the Chicago Tribune for this story. A young girl tests the tolerance of McCain and Obama supporters. Since it is here, you can guess the outcome.

I expect to see this young lady in the national spotlight some day. Well done!,0,2881384.column?page=1

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Hoo Rah!

To take a break for a minute from the incessant political garbage going around (here included) I want to take a second to echo what a fellow soldier has commented on his MilBlog. And, since my brother is in the army (82nd) this will be my (late) Veteran's Day salute to him.

The Army has a new campaign slogan they our touting. You may have see some of their commercials, but if not, here they are.

Army Strong. Great stuff. Unlike my fellow blogger, I happened to like the old motto of Army of One, but to each his own.





The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Another slap to the military face

Ok, so, this is a day or so late, but I wanted to get it down on paper how fricking peeved I am at our national news media. The New York Times has its head so far up its own a$$ that in an effort to get sales they print outright treasonous stories without so much as batting an eyelash.

No one cares that by outing the secret raids on Al Qaida our troops are put (more) in harms way. No one cares that once again our nation has egg on its face from the rest of the world, who will surely begin to ask why they were not informed. (Even if they WERE informed, do you think they will risk political fallout by agreeing they did??)

As has been reported ad nauseum throughout our blogosphere, journalism is dead. All they care about is getting the next scoop, making our nation look like a bunch of idiots and furthering their own liberal agendas.

I wish they would all just go out of business. Better yet, get a firing squad. It is, basically, what they are doing to my brothers and sisters in harms way.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Our New Media?

Everyone recalls what occurred during the campaign, when Joe Biden was hit hard by some reporters from Florida and Pennsylvania- they were banned from getting any interviews for the remainder of the campaign.

I asked previously if that was what we are going to get from the upcoming administration. Is dissent against our government going to be silenced by muffling the media outlets that dare to allow such a broadcast?

The reason I am bringing this up again is because of the recent Iranian incident. A small newspaper printed a picture of our newly-elected Glorious Leader and asked why Iran does not have a Barack Obama. A fair question to many, I am sure.

The government’s answer to the question? They shut down the paper. Thus it never happened and life could move along normally. Are we going to expect the crushing of dissent through legislation and the attempted return of the Fairness Doctrine?

I am sure that it will not happen (openly) but keep your eyes peeled for anything out of the ordinary.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

To My Fellow Veterans

Keep your head on a swivel. Support and defend against all enemies foreign and domestic.

From my family to yours, I want to wish every serviceman and woman a warm and happy Veterans Day. I spent 20 of my veterans days right where some of you are, so I fully understand and appreciate exactly what you are doing for our country.

Heads held high. Never quit. Never surrender.

God bless.

Sean Williams MM1(SW)

USN                              Ret.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Antigua Joins Rank in File

Ok, so this bandwagon crap is only a few days old.. and is agonizingly old already. When will it stop? Probably never, but I am holding out with HOPE that it will CHANGE soon.

Antigua plans to rename highest peak after Barack Obama

Is it just me? Or is Antigua saying they want to Mount Obama?? Is that even legal?

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower

First Ruler In Over 230 Years

Yay! We can all lay down our arms and hit the fields like the good serfs that we shall become under our newly renovated Government of Change! I cannot wait. I think that I will first quit my job, apply for extended unemployment benefits, stop paying my mortgage and then get bailed out when the banks come knocking.

This is going to be SO MUCH EASIER now that King Obama and his court of jesters are in the palace. And if you think I am kidding, you can hear it from his own transition leader. Lord Obama has not come to serve; he has not come to guide; he has not come to protect. No, our new Fearless Leader has come to rule.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Website translated

My previous post asked for a translation. Well, stupid me, failed to check through his FireFox plugins. In doing so, I found a web page translator. Below is the text from the Croatian newspaper site: (note that the translation is imperfect)


NEW Abecedarium For America: SOME CHANGES WE CAN EXPECT FROM BARACK OBAMA: Cold war with the Russians to replace the cold vodka

The general assessment that the election of Barack Hussein Obama for U.S. president happened to something spectacular, not only for America, but also for the whole world.

Testify about the picture of joy around the globe, from the village to kenijskih Japanese hi-tech skyscrapers, even in people who never kročili to America or even think about it. As the world poludio so now on, all think that everything is possible.

For instance, Archbishop of Atlanta and former head of the U.S. episcopal conference Wilton Daniel Gregory at Obamina day declares that the United States and the Roman Catholic church is ready for the first black Pope and that this could happen for the next conclave

Perhaps the thing that the world has become young again, and it already was not long, and some even thought that never and will not be young, but that will only sink in old age and fatigue.

They say that the last time such "youth of the world" still felt 48 years ago, when the recently elected Kennedy (even when it is a bit later grunula kontrakulturna called. Hipi revolution), since, until today, the world fell into a new spirale violence and wars, and blistava star of freedom, which is over Eastern Europe zabljesnula 1989. year, is quickly istopila villain in transition and series of wars in the former Yugoslavia and the former USSR, which are again generally face the world.

Now this face once more, after half a century, points out in a smile and youthful edition, as with advertisements for beauty products, just at the moment when America and the entire world zaglavili in the loop of endless wars and the global crisis

On the whole planet sicken hopes to attend the birth of a new one that America is the world podarila first amendment (ballad about freedom of speech), blues, jazz, rock'n'roll, bitničku (ass??) literature, a man on the moon and computing: the world is a lot of America that it gives tomahawka new models, pull the shoes at airports and a new fear.

Therefore, we, in honor of the birth of New America, compiled a short abecedarium of desires, hopes and expectations of these creations. Immediately after that, in this text that will be uncritical and soaring expectations. In short: we require a miracle! (EAGLEEYE: SO ARE WE!)

A - Africa.
As long as the Black Continent remains in poverty, the world is senseless. If the son of Kenya does not help his brothers, who they can help at all? Now is the time to Bono Vox, spokesman third-world, popije coffee with Obama.

B - Bush.
To be more never happen again that such capacity came nuclear case. America, please!

C – Chomsky, Noam.
Is it not time that the icon of anti-globalism, champion of the world critical intellectuals and leading the world completely leave the anarchist and linguistics become even Obamin informal adviser, but in full working hours?

D - Democracy.
We expect that New America continues to defend this front, but also to accept the right of those people in other parts of the world who want to restate the principles of social planning.

E – Economy.
When it two years ago started a campaign, Obama could not know for the current crisis. This can justify, but only for a while: the successful solution of this problem, unfortunately, everything else depends.

F – fanaticism, fundamentalism.
This is not happening to someone else, but everyone. U.S. curb fundamentalism and what we expect from the New America, it will be useful messages to curb other political fanaticism.

G - Guantanamo.
Closing Guantanama will be symbolic sign that we can restore the old to get used to see America as a champion of human rights.

H – Hussein.
We hope that in eight years, the first association to this name will not be former Iraqi dictator Saddam, a symbol of krvološtva, but dvomandatni (this will mean: successful) U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama.

I – Iraq, Iran, Islam.
Obama also announced a dialogue with Iran and the U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq within 16 months. We hope that this will help calm Muslim anger and suppress radical, and strengthening umjerenijih political options in those parts of the world.

J – South America.
And Evo Morales, like Obama, a member of potlačene race. Some things that Chavez says they are not so different from the things that Obama offers. Cuba is tired of the sanctions. Perhaps it is time that U.S. President popije one tekilu with South American leftist leaders.

K – Literature.
Uglednici the Swedish Royal Academy, operativci Nobel prizes, poručili that American writers "are not at the level of the standards of this award," because their literature "isolated and provincial." It remains the hope that the New America create an atmosphere that could iznjedriti new Faulkner or Hemingway.

L –Luther, Martin King.
Obama has demonstrated that it is possible to realize their dream, even of mitskih the words "I have a dream" to be 45 and not even a dream, one would have welcomed him ispričao world.

M – Multipolarni world.
If this is a neumitna future, it is good that at the beginning of the creation of the world stands a man who knows his skin, which means to be a "multi".

Yes, we can - was Obamin election slogan. Pandorina box is not in human power, but if you take the man and hope, you took his last piece of freedom. Only some runs.

O – Education and weapons.
Obama did not have a rich hinterland, the only channel of social promotion was harvardska diploma, so we expect that America will invest more in education, even prejudicial investments in weapons.

P – Taxes, justice.
The new "robinhudovska" fiscal policy, which reduces taxes poor and rich increases, restores America, and indirectly, and the whole world, the ethical normal.

President of the Russian Federation Medvedev likes Deep Purple, Obama prefers Dylan and Springsteen. Perhaps the concert Henry Rollins can arrange to replace cold war cold vodka, with a salad of cancers. Russian teddy bear, like any teddy bear, attack only when it feels threatened.

S - Socijala.
The man whom the mother in childhood prehranjivala government coupons for food that will be difficult as the leader of the New America forget those who are in capitalism ispali losers.

With Obaminim "mekšim approach," the rest of the world we hope that the atmosphere among the potential actors in general the war will be less tense.

We expect to not repeat Kennedy and Martin Luther King! Please, America, hear us!

V –Faith.
Grandson African animističkog vrača, son of atheist and agnostkinje with interest for Buddhism, at your choice Christian, believer who does not currently belong to a congregation or because razišao with the Tripartite Church of Christ, Obama is a nice illustration that faith is individual, not social rank.

We hope that the white Anglo-Saxon Protestant community, including their extremists, calmly accept that the President of the United States, for the first time since Kennedy, do not come from their ranks.

Z - Health.
America can not be a world model if any of its million inhabitants, has no health insurance. Therefore, it is announced Obamin project of national health care necessary for a New America, but also for all nations in the world that want to follow the American example. Including the Croatian people.

Yep, they want a miracle. But, then, isn't that why the Messiah was ascended by the people?

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Transalation anyone?

If anyone has the means to translate this, let me know what it says. I don't have anything handy, nor can I find any Croation-English free translation sites. It caught my eye, as they were carrying the flag upside down- apparently saying the Obi-wan has turned our country upside down? I don't want to conjecture, though, so let me know.


The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


From the Orlando Sentinel, 9 November 2008:

As President-elect Obama prepares for the White House, a barrage of Barackisms has been unleashed. Or maybe they should be called Obamanyms. Here's a glossary, culled by The Associated Press from Web sites and news reports:

Obamaphoria: The post-election rapture that swept over Obama's supporters worldwide.

Obamanation: A twist on "abomination," expressed by evangelicals and other conservatives who oppose Obama's stance on abortion, gay marriage and other social issues.

Obamanos: A play on "Vamonos," or "Let's go".

Obamatopia: The political paradise that Obama's staunchest supporters hope he'll usher in.

Obamalujah: Exultation shouted by his fans.

Obamatrons: The policy wonks who will occupy the West Wing of his White House.

Obamascope: Media scrutiny of the new leader.

Obamanator: Hollywood-inspired nickname.

Obamalicious: Complimentary term used by those who like Obama's looks.

Obamaloha: Goodbye, Obama-style, with a nod to Hawaii.

Bamelot: From a New York Post headline that played on the youth and freshness of John F. Kennedy's administration that came to be known as Camelot.

Obamerika: Headline from the Croatian newspaper Slobodna Dalmacija.

*Gags with a spoon.*

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follwoer?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

First (Second?) Challenge

Vice-President Elect Joe Biden made the now-famous comments not too long ago, telling those gathered to 'mark my words' that an Obama administration would be tested within six-months of getting elected. For me, the scary part was that he went on to say that the response of the administration might not seem correct at first, but that they must give their support... ??? What the hell does THAT mean?

Anyway, that is old news. I chalk it up to yet another item not cared about by the MSM or anyone else, for that matter. Only we vigilant bloggers and a few in the conservative media gave it more than just a cursory look.

Fast forward a few weeks, way less than the six months stated by Biden, and we are already seeing the makings of several issues sure to face the former senator from Illinois. First, A-jad writes a letter of congratulations to Obama, then goes on to say what the U.S. NEEDS TO DO; follow that with the Russians putting missiles near the Polish border as a deterant to our putting up defense systems for that target of a nation; now we have Hamas saying that they want to sit down with Obama, as long as HE UNDERSTANDS that they have rights and options with respect to their hatred and wish for Israel to be destroyed.

Welcome to Obamanation, where everyone who hates the USA now has a leader who is willing to compromise with them because doing so will make the U.S. popular with the world again.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Friday, November 7, 2008

Interesting Indeed!

Why is it that a newspaper from Kenya already knows about President-Elect Obama's upcoming cabinet picks before we do? Is it speculation? Did Obi-wan call his relatives to break the news but swore them (unsuccessfully) to secrecy? Regardless, this is interesting to say the least.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?