Friday, November 28, 2008

Good For The Goose, Not The Gander

When President Bush had his second inauguration party, the amount of money raised was about $42 million. because of the amount of people involved, the city of Washington DC had to foot a bill of around $17 million.

The democrats were out in force, screaming that it was too much. Bush should send money to aide the Tsunami victims in Asia. Congressmen even wrote letters to the president:



President George W. Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Mr. President:

The festivities surrounding your inauguration later this month are slated to cost $40 million – making this the most expensive inauguration in history. I urge you to re-direct those funds towards a use more fitting to these sober times – bonuses or equipment for our troops.

Precedent suggests that inaugural festivities should be muted – if not canceled – in wartime. In the midst of World War II, President Roosevelt held his 1945 inaugural at the White House, making a short speech and serving guests cold chicken salad and plain pound cake. During World War I, President Wilson did not have any parties at his 1917 inaugural, saying that such festivities would be undignified.

Furthermore, $40 million could provide substantial support for our troops overseas. For example, we could buy armor for 690 unarmored humvees or provide a $290 bonus for each member of the armed services station in Iraq.

Please re-direct all the funds raised for the inauguration to our brave men and women in uniform.

So now that Obama is taking personal donations of up to $50,000 dollars, that the city of Washington DC is having to bring in over 4,000 additional police to help with security, with the city expecting to foot a bill of some $50 million dollars, where are all of the political activists?

Is it because, maybe, that it did not matter WHAT President Bush did it was wrong? Is it because orgiastic excess is only good when YOUR guy wins? Is it maybe that everyone cares not, for it is The One who is ascending to the throne?

What happened to the hurting American who cannot pay their mortgages? What happened to the Mumbai people who were slaughtered like lambs this week? Why are we not taking all of the donations and sending the money to them?

I guess this is what Change means. Minds change based on what suits their need.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


  1. You got that right. (Again.) These communists are the most in love with money and power. Look at Ceaucsescu's palace. 2nd largest building in the world I heard.

    Communist dictator.

    They act like they are kings (and God) and want to be kings and be worshipped like God.

    Communists are the worst in the love of money and power... and they get the money and the power by railing against the wealthy.

    It's diabolical. Look at this inauguration hypocrisy... and greed... and waste... while an entire nation is entering her worst financial disaster... ever. (This will be much worse than 1929, imo, because the Government is socialist - caused it -and is going to make it worse.)

    Oh boy. Here we go. Somewhere over the rainbow.. is the answer.

    It's goign to be a dark day in America as the Obamanation is "inaugurated".


  2. *Hugs*

    Just thought that you needed that..:) Like the audio clips, btw. Thanks for the words. As I said, I am no where NEAR you when it comes to my religious expression, but I really enjoy the explosions.

    Feel free to continue your efforts...:) And you should reply to my emails sometime.. heh.

    Thanks again!

  3. Oh! emails! I hardly check emails. :)

    I'll go check.

    Oh, and thanks on the audio clips. I can literally feel like God just like a rock solid inside me... (I'm way imperfect, I realize)... It's just I can feel faith like a Chevy.. I mean like a rock. lol

    And I'm telling you, this is honestly true, like when I go to church and stuff... people just mob me. lol It's like I'm "God radioactive". (You should see the look on my face. hee hee... like I can't believe I said that, and even more just makes me shake my head and laugh... it's true.)

    Oh boy. Happens everywhere I go. It's like a "magnetic field"... and I just get sick of it honestly. I want my space!! And not a fan club!! lol

    Wait til I speak live and in person. I don't know how strong it comes across on those audios. I'm not used to doing that... but if it happens on audio like it does in real life... it's kinda highly likely it may "attract a crowd".

    But I'm gonna be good, really. I'm gonna "go all the way for the goal". I'll even agree to take a microphone again.

    Sorry if I'm going on... but I'm trying to prepare. lol I stand up to that microphone, God comes on me like a lightning storm the power feels so great, then I start to talk, people's faces go white and their jaws drop as they feel it hit them... they don't even know what to do... BOOM!! lol And they all love the charge. It's like getting a battery charged... for free.

    I guess it's like motivational speaking. Kind of the same principle. People meet me and ask if I'm a motivational speaker... so. Sigh.

    What have I gotten myself into?? Cuz this time, I'm NOT going to say "no". It's for God and people... but it's mostly cuz the Obama dynamic has me sooooooooooooo stoked... that usually I will NOT agree to speak.

    No matter how much that people get magnetized and like that "charge"... I just like having a quiet life and reading. :) That's where it all came from.

    I"m not shy... it's just I'm not one of these megalomaniac type that really feeds off a crowd gathering. For me, it's something that's become a "responsibility".

    OK, that was like not a rant... but kind of like a blurp or something.



    I'll check my email.