Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our Hurting Economy

I thought that this article spoke volumes about the left wing's mantra that our middle class is worse of than ever before.,0,1867517.column

Enjoy it while it lasts.

The Best In Americans

I found this article while reading some general items at Quite a thing to read about, considering that our modern society is all about the self and not others.,2933,445110,00.html

Keep The Faith

So I called in the Radio Factor today and spoke with Bill O'Reilly about an Early Voting Exit Poll here in Florida. Like Bill, after 2004, I don't take much stock in the exit polls, but this time was a bit different.

Roughly 30% of those who say they are Republican will speak to a pollster (after voting, that is). So to begin with, the vast majority of your answers are going to be skewed toward the Democratic party. Add to that the feverant tone with which the Obama supporters act and one would think that Obi-wan would be killing Johnny Mac in this area.

McCain 46%
Obama 43%

Go figure. Now get out and vote. There IS NO QUIT.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Orson Scott Card

I would like for you to take a look at the following article. It's something that I find amazing, given the severe partisanship of our current government.

Just watch

For those who wanted to see the videos: Tax plans CSPAN on Freddie and Fannie Freddie and Fannie Black Caucus speach - I cannot run on experience

So much crap, so little time

Pakistan Under Fire


Senator Obama says that he could care less about what Pakistan thinks. If there is a bad guy in the hills of that country, we are going to bomb regardless. That is a pretty hardline stance for a guy who says that we should sit down without pre-conditions across from the likes of Castro, Chavez and Ahmadinejad in an effort to TALK to them.

What will he do now that Pakistan has told us to stop bombing? If you are unsure of what I am speaking, check out this article from

The fact is that Seantor Obama has spoken and projected the most sweet sounding campaign ever. People have bought into his cries of hope. In NY, as his motorcade passed by enroute to a Virginia event, people were yelling "The Messiah! He's Coming! Obama is coming!"

Like a bunch of lemmings, we shall all be led over the cliff and into the vast ocean that is our Big Brother Washington, where we shall float free of the constraints of any responsibility or accountability- except for the Accounting of our hard-earned wealth as we pass it along to the Redistribution Machine.

Enjoy it while it lasts, for when they need more, you are next.

Anything to win?

With all of the Obamedia support; with all of the rabid fans out their slathering over themselves to get close to the god-like figure of the Darling of the Democrats, why is it that the vast majority of wrong doing with respect to the election is centered squarely on that party?

The Republicans are not without fault, I know, but my God; illegal votes cast in Ohio where the culprits are let off as 'mistaken'; ACORN out there illegally registering untold numbers of people (which, by the way, affects things particulary adversely in the polling, where they slant the numbers based on the number of registered voters in each group); so called 'art' in the form of a Sarah Palin effigy; and the list goes on.

News10, an ABC affiliat in California, ran this story. Take from it what you will, but in the words of one person, "If you let a person with the mind of a five year old vote, why not let all of the five year olds vote?"

I am all for letting peolpe of legal age vote, regardless of disability. But I whole-heartedly disagree with the institution's method. At the very least, steps should have been taken to ensure that fair and equitable voting occurred.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Another great message

Click here to view this video.

Data pulled from sites that I checked appear to match what is shown in the video, though in some cases I did not get the exact page or document shown. All in all, though, what the author says is dead on accurate and cannot be argued.

Imagine if the republican party put as much effort into doing stuff like this for broadcast? We would be sitting much better in this election cycle, I think. Don't just tell people about it, give them hard facts and point them to where they can find it themselves...

..someone once wrote:
The Lord helps those who help themselves...

Pretty smart guy. They have already billed us for $700 billion, and now want more to 'stimulate' the economy. Everyone is just standing around with their hands out, asking for their cut.

$700 billion to Wall Street, $28 billion to the auto corporations. When will the airlines get in on the action? Or the railroads? Or the trucking industry (just for you, dad)? What if video games don't sell well this year? Will my industry get a bailout because we suck and making good games?

Just say NO to big government!

Here are some of the sites I looked at:

Redistributive change???

I am just going to post this here on the blog and hope that everyone I know will forward it to all of their friends. This is a radio broadcast of Senator Obama back in 2001, when he was a state senator.

What does it contain? His belief that through legislation, we can break free of the constraints placed in the constitution by our founding fathers in order to effect the REDISTRIBUTION necessary... why the hell isn't this front page in every circuit????

My Military GI Bill

This is a bit outdated, but I just wanted to make a comment regarding the new and improved GI Bill. The increase in benefits will be a great thing, should it ever come to fruition, so the fact that I am supportig McCain's stance has some of my fellow vets rather mystified.

Instead of getting a certain stipend every month, based on credits taken, I will instead get a 100% coverage of my school tuition. That is great for me, as I cannot continue to go to UCF and will have to revert to the much more expensive University if Phoenix. If UCF would just offer the classes I need WHEN I need them (like, NOT at noon or 1PM, but at night or on weekends) I would much rather finish my degree through them. But they do not, and I am forced to make the switch.

But I agree with MCCain, who objects to the bill. The massive increase in benefits just might encourage a lot more of our military to get out when their tour is up. Our fighting forces are already strapped with keeping quality people, and this bill just might have an adverse affect. Even the PENTAGON does not like it, and they are pretty much ALL military or military vets.

John McCain is working to get anotehr bill put together, but with inclusions that require some giving back to the service. There is nothing wrong with that. There are (or were) programs in the Navy that required extra terms of service in return for a more rapid advancement. Programs like the Navy Nuclear Power Program and some of the advanced electronic programs come to mind.

The fact that there are so many against John McCain on this issue goes to show just who understands our military forces and who does not. So, while I welcome getting 100% coverage to my tuition, I shudder to see what an unmodified version will do to our satus of forces.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Just Too Damn Funny

I won't even comment on this article. It is just something that I thought was amazingly funny, given the fact that the Democratic campaign has been complaining about the robo-calls placed by the McCain campaign, and that all of our jobs are being shipped overseas.

Just shut the hell up already.... :)

Read it- then spread the word.

Reform Is On The Way!

As I was browsing some of the blogs out there, I came across references and comments that I found interesting and scary. A professor of economic policy analysis at the New School for SOCIAL Research in New York, Teresa Ghilarducci, has proposed that 401k plans be disposed of in favor of other, 'safer' accounts.

According to her plan, some $2 trillion has been lost in retirement savings. Of course, anyone who follows the market knows that the reason for the loss is the drop in stock prices. True, also, is that it may be a long time before those stock prices return. Thanks (from me) to all of those who opposed getting oversite on Fannie and Freddie when the alarm bell was sounded in 2005.

Grover Norquist, the president of Americans for Tax Reform, wrote that when Ronald Reagan took office, less than 20% of American households owned stock directly. In 2008, roughly 50% of them do. The change? The 401k program. As people began to undersatnd the program, they began to invest more of their earnings in the mutual funds that were offered by their employers. The money was removed automatically from your salary BEFORE taxes. This has been one of the biggest reasons for investing, and a big reason why employers give matching funds. (And a HUGE reason why the Greed-o-crats want it gone.)

Does is SUCK that the market crashed due to governmental idiocy with regards to monitoring their very own Freddie and Fannie? You betcha. But the 401k remains a great way for folks to plan for their retirement. Especially now, with a down market. You get more for your money.

Step now, into the world of the Greed-o-crats, who brought Ms. Ghilarducci to testify about her proposal. "Under Ghilarducci's plan, all workers would receive a $600 annual inflation-adjusted subsidy from the U.S. government but would be required to invest 5 percent of their pay into a guaranteed retirement account administered by the Social Security Administration. The money in turn would be invested in special government bonds that would pay 3 percent a year, adjusted for inflation." The current system of providing tax breaks on 401(k) contributions and earnings would be eliminated.

Ok. I get it. Instead of somewhere around 15% return on my stock 401k investment, instead of being able to invest as I see fit, instead of my employer matching my contribution, I would instead have that pay TAXED so that I can get a 3% return on a government bond.

YAY for reform by our democrats. Change is on the way. And change is what will be left jingling in your pockets.

Read the whole article here.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Great Job Soldier

I just wanted to post a quick note regarding the below story on After five years, we have given Iraq control of the triangle. Of course, the $150K that the RNC spent on Sarah Palin is way more important to the news media.

Back to the abortion thing

I know that the following link, or at least the audio file found on this link, has been seen all over the net. I am only including it here so that there is ONE MORE voice to spread the word. I am saddened that this guy is from Illinois, my birth state.

Senator Obama believes in allowing abortions. Not just any abortion, but any and all, including partial birth abortions. He argues on the floor of the Illinois senate that if during an abortion the baby survives the attending doctor would do his duty to protect and care for the chiled.

What is ludicrous is that the very same doctor might face suit should the child be found healthy and well, and not inflicted with some defect that the mother most likely used in her determination to terminate the pregnancy so late. Not to mention, the bill required a second doctor be brought in. Again, Obama objected to this, meaning that the first doctor should not let anyone know of the survived baby.

I would like to note that while I did not follow the issue closely, therewas testimony given by a nurse claiming that on more than one occasion babies were left to die with the towels because doctors didn't care. So much for Mr. Obama's argument.

And his top 10 reasons to support letting born-alive infants die:

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yes, Slow The Military Development

I have to say, I am particularly pleased that Mr. Obama wants to significantly cut the military budget and slow the develpoment of military weapons. In doing so, he will be able to show our enemies that we are committed to becoming a leader in the global peace movement.

Additionally, Obama will cut our stock of nuclear weapons, while getting our Russian counterparts to do the same. Since Vladimir Putin has shown himself to be a reliable and valuable ally to not only the United States, but all of the small countries surrounding Russia, I am sure that this plan of the Freshman senator from Illinois is much better than anything his two dozen or so foreign affairs advisors could come up with.

But don't believe me, look at the shock video below. You will see just where our money has been wasted. Much better would have been to just give it to the homeless.

Friendly Banter

Before I started putting my thoughts down on this blog, I had been sending out emails to friends and family. One of my former collegues responded back with his take on things (he is decidedly a Democrat) and we had a good banter back and forth. There was no defamation or flaming of one another, just hard-fought verbiage expressing our own views.

Imagine that. Cordial discussion wherein the candidates actually discuss their positions and have the courtesy to listen to the other guy. How else can you respond, if you don't listen.

I am not a Republican nor a Democrat. Well, not true this cycle, as I registered as a Republican. Have you ever registered as an independant? You get wailed from folks on BOTH sides, trying to get your vote!

The fact that many of my views are conservative doesn't make me a far right nut job. When it comes to Barack Obama, I actually like his idea of giving college tax breaks in exchange for public service. I am fuzzy as to how it all gets paid for, but the notion appeals to me as a current college student as well as a father of four- two who are a couple of years from college themselves.

My friend made a commet, though, that sort of made me take pause. While I can understand his notion of not rewarding bad behavior, he actually said that if I cannot vote Democrat, don't vote at all! That is pretty shocking, to me. Voting is not only a right, but an obligation.

During our 'debate' we came to one solid agreement. Government is tossing way too much money to try and solve issues. They are mortgaging our futures while they socialize everything. What makes me laugh about this agreement, is that electing Barack Obama will just increase the socialization process.

Bill Clinton's first year in office wasn't the best for him. He had a Democratic congress that pushed legislation across his desk that he signed without question, as he efforted to please his supporters. Clinton was an experienced governor. Obama has all of 143 days in the senate. He will be dealing with the sharks in the guise of Nancy Palosi and Harry Reid. Obama's world views are much aligned with them, no matter what he SAYS in his speeches. I have drummed it incessantly, that his past record predicts where he will take us. Left. Left. Left. Edge. Left.

But perhaps my friend is on to something. If they can get us all to not vote, they are guaranteed in. I can foresee in the future a time where you won't be able to dissent without getting publicly ridiculed. Look what happened to Joe Wurzelbacher. I asked a question that Obama answered honestly (he wants to spread your wealth to everyone behind you) and the media has done it's best to slander the guy who dared to damage 'The One'.

Never let them see you dissent. Let them wallow in their self-confidence. Then vote their mouths shut.

Catholic Views

I am pro-life. I do not agree with abortion. However, I am not so adamant that I do not think there should be provisions for such cases as rape and incest. Cases like that are extreme cases and should be decided by the woman (or her parents).

This is why abortion, of all of the issues, is so difficult for me personally. If something devastating were to happen to my daughter (she is 9) I would want the decision to be mine and my wife's. This does not mean I am pro-choice. Only for extreme circumstances. Conflicted, I know, but there you have my view.

To that point, I disagree with Roe v. Wade. The woman in the case has stated publically that women have come to her thanking her for getting the case to the supreme court. Due to Roe v.Wade they have been able to have upwards of 15 abortions!

Abortion rights should be left at the state level. The argument that the country is too divisive and that we must have a national ruling is just not right. So every state has a different ruling. So? It is easier for folks in a state to effect change locally than to press it upon the rest of the country.

My sister sent me this video, produced by a Catholic organization. Thanks sis!

Pick Your Poison

I was asked just where I got my information. To the curious, I give the following:

And, of course, I will admit my one weakness for news:

I won't look at other sites, though MSN adn Yahoo sometimes get my attention with a headline. Also, I use Google as my homepage and have a tab set up specifically to gather news from places like the BBC, AP, CNN, Fox, etc. I can then read the same content from rival sites.


Foot In Mouth Disease

In case you missed it, our friend Barney Frank, you know, the guy who said Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac were ‘good going forward’ a few months back, well, he said THIS on CNN:

"Yes, I believe later on there should be tax increases," Frank said.
"Speaking personally, I think there are a lot of very rich people out there whom we can tax at a point down the road and recover some of this money."

And if the ‘rich’ (read: over 250K) are not enough to pay it back, then who???

Yay for socialism. I can’t wait. I am going to quit my job, go on welfare, and stay there until I die…


One of my biggest complaints to the economic plan of Obama is the 95% number. As I have said, I STILL cannot see how he plans to cut taxes for 95%, when 40% of the folks don’t even pay taxes. Someone had the moxie to argue with me that what Obama means is that 95% of Americans make less than $250,000 a year.

And your point? With that argument, you are implying that everyone making less than 250K will get a tax cut. Even Obama doesn’t make that claim. What he DOES say, is that if you make over 250K you will see your taxes increase slightly because ‘you done good’…

..well then. Let us examine just how well off Mr. 250K is, compared to Mr. 50K.

The Obanomic plan does not take into account cost of living across the country. As many of us know it is VERY different depending on where you live. In Manhattan, NY if you buy a 3 bedroom, 2 bath condo, you will pay an average of $1.6 million dollars…. MILLION. If you happen to live in Youngstown, Ohio you will pay roughly $119,000 for the same property.
Stay with me, it gets better.

The average mortgage and taxes for those homes would be $9,913 in Ohio, and $116,482 in Manhattan. All things figured in, our man in NY would have $165,000 left after taxes. Taking out the $116,000 in taxes and mortgage leaves him $49,000 to cover all of his other costs- food, clothing, schools, automobiles, etc. Our man in Ohio is lucky. Under the Obanomic plan, he will get a $1,000 tax credit. $51,000 minus his $9,000 for mortgage and taxes will leave him $42,000 to cover his remaining expenses.

Am I just missing something here? A guy making 250K in Manhattan is about in line with a guy making 50K in Ohio? And the poor guy in NY is ‘wealthy’ to Obama and his cronies, and so will get punished by getting higher taxes. Herbert Hoover raised taxes after the collapse of the stock markets. The economy had stabilized and begun to recover (sound familiar?) when his advisors said it would be fine to levy new taxes. The result was a 10 year depression and an unemployment rate of 23%. I like my job, thank you.

And before you scream foul, these numbers are not mine; they are the federal governments- the same government that America seems determined to hand over to Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Obi-wan.

Beyond Obamanomic Plans

I have stated before (and will post shortlty) that beyond taxes and his desire to pass a bill removing any and all restrictions on abortion - and even says that it overrides any national, state or local statutes past, present or FUTURE – the biggest concern that I have with this election is that should Obama win, the extreme left would control both houses of congress as well as the white house.

This isn’t your grandfathers democratic party. I have liberal views on some issues, particularly when it comes to the environment, but the views held by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid scare the crap out of me. Their ultra-liberalism is not in line with the mainstream and with Obama in power, each and every bill put before him will be passed without question.

I have already argued his tax plan, and stated his desire to pass the Freedom of Choice Act (lock up your daughters!). Another worrisome issue is the Media Ownership Reform Act of 2005. It has failed to pass, being blocked by staunch Republicans as well as the threat of veto by the president (and presidents past). What does this act do? It restructures and re-enforces the
Fairness Doctrine imposed on the media by the FCC. The FCC stopped enforcing the rule long ago, despite the pressures of the politically left.

Under the rule, every institution falling under the FCC rule would be required to modify their programming to conform to what the FCC deems ‘fair’. Basically, if a station presents controversial opinions, they would be forced to present equal time for an opposing side. The FCC already has rules in place that ensures both sides are presented, but there is nothing that says
to what extent the other side must be presented. So, broadcast medias would be forced to expend as much time FOR their side as they do AGAINST the left. In other words, we will not be allowed to hold an opinion…. Because it wouldn’t be fair…

Some say that is what it should be. But having big brother tell me how vigorously I am required to express my opponents side just opens a Pandora’s box of potential issues. And, I might add, the ones who are pushing for the Fairness Doctrine are the very same leaders I mentioned above – Pelosi, Reid, Kerry, etc. Conservative Talk Radio beware… Big Brother Wants You!

First Things First

I have decided to try my hand at blogging. While my friends will tell you that I am by no means an introvert, and that I don't have much issue speaking my mind, there are just some things that I will keep to myself; there are some things people find personal enough that when you bring them up it just winds up ruining a perfectly good relationship.

This political season in the US, however, has me fit to be tied. With that, I decided to put my thoughts down here, for good or for ill.

I am 43 as of this writing, a former member of the military, father, husband and a leader of young men. I have no stake in any political party, but I do have a stake in my country. Which is why I am here before you now. Keep the flames to a minimum. I welcome a good debate if you so desire, so feel free.

Thanks for stopping by.