Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Catholic Views

I am pro-life. I do not agree with abortion. However, I am not so adamant that I do not think there should be provisions for such cases as rape and incest. Cases like that are extreme cases and should be decided by the woman (or her parents).

This is why abortion, of all of the issues, is so difficult for me personally. If something devastating were to happen to my daughter (she is 9) I would want the decision to be mine and my wife's. This does not mean I am pro-choice. Only for extreme circumstances. Conflicted, I know, but there you have my view.

To that point, I disagree with Roe v. Wade. The woman in the case has stated publically that women have come to her thanking her for getting the case to the supreme court. Due to Roe v.Wade they have been able to have upwards of 15 abortions!

Abortion rights should be left at the state level. The argument that the country is too divisive and that we must have a national ruling is just not right. So every state has a different ruling. So? It is easier for folks in a state to effect change locally than to press it upon the rest of the country.

My sister sent me this video, produced by a Catholic organization. Thanks sis!

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