Thursday, October 23, 2008

Back to the abortion thing

I know that the following link, or at least the audio file found on this link, has been seen all over the net. I am only including it here so that there is ONE MORE voice to spread the word. I am saddened that this guy is from Illinois, my birth state.

Senator Obama believes in allowing abortions. Not just any abortion, but any and all, including partial birth abortions. He argues on the floor of the Illinois senate that if during an abortion the baby survives the attending doctor would do his duty to protect and care for the chiled.

What is ludicrous is that the very same doctor might face suit should the child be found healthy and well, and not inflicted with some defect that the mother most likely used in her determination to terminate the pregnancy so late. Not to mention, the bill required a second doctor be brought in. Again, Obama objected to this, meaning that the first doctor should not let anyone know of the survived baby.

I would like to note that while I did not follow the issue closely, therewas testimony given by a nurse claiming that on more than one occasion babies were left to die with the towels because doctors didn't care. So much for Mr. Obama's argument.

And his top 10 reasons to support letting born-alive infants die:

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