Monday, October 27, 2008

Another great message

Click here to view this video.

Data pulled from sites that I checked appear to match what is shown in the video, though in some cases I did not get the exact page or document shown. All in all, though, what the author says is dead on accurate and cannot be argued.

Imagine if the republican party put as much effort into doing stuff like this for broadcast? We would be sitting much better in this election cycle, I think. Don't just tell people about it, give them hard facts and point them to where they can find it themselves...

..someone once wrote:
The Lord helps those who help themselves...

Pretty smart guy. They have already billed us for $700 billion, and now want more to 'stimulate' the economy. Everyone is just standing around with their hands out, asking for their cut.

$700 billion to Wall Street, $28 billion to the auto corporations. When will the airlines get in on the action? Or the railroads? Or the trucking industry (just for you, dad)? What if video games don't sell well this year? Will my industry get a bailout because we suck and making good games?

Just say NO to big government!

Here are some of the sites I looked at:

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