Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Beyond Obamanomic Plans

I have stated before (and will post shortlty) that beyond taxes and his desire to pass a bill removing any and all restrictions on abortion - and even says that it overrides any national, state or local statutes past, present or FUTURE – the biggest concern that I have with this election is that should Obama win, the extreme left would control both houses of congress as well as the white house.

This isn’t your grandfathers democratic party. I have liberal views on some issues, particularly when it comes to the environment, but the views held by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid scare the crap out of me. Their ultra-liberalism is not in line with the mainstream and with Obama in power, each and every bill put before him will be passed without question.

I have already argued his tax plan, and stated his desire to pass the Freedom of Choice Act (lock up your daughters!). Another worrisome issue is the Media Ownership Reform Act of 2005. It has failed to pass, being blocked by staunch Republicans as well as the threat of veto by the president (and presidents past). What does this act do? It restructures and re-enforces the
Fairness Doctrine imposed on the media by the FCC. The FCC stopped enforcing the rule long ago, despite the pressures of the politically left.

Under the rule, every institution falling under the FCC rule would be required to modify their programming to conform to what the FCC deems ‘fair’. Basically, if a station presents controversial opinions, they would be forced to present equal time for an opposing side. The FCC already has rules in place that ensures both sides are presented, but there is nothing that says
to what extent the other side must be presented. So, broadcast medias would be forced to expend as much time FOR their side as they do AGAINST the left. In other words, we will not be allowed to hold an opinion…. Because it wouldn’t be fair…

Some say that is what it should be. But having big brother tell me how vigorously I am required to express my opponents side just opens a Pandora’s box of potential issues. And, I might add, the ones who are pushing for the Fairness Doctrine are the very same leaders I mentioned above – Pelosi, Reid, Kerry, etc. Conservative Talk Radio beware… Big Brother Wants You!

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