Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More progressive culture wins

If you have not read it yet, let me enlighten you.

eHarmony was sued by a gay man for discriminatory practice.  They settled out of court for $5,000 and a one-year free membership.

Also, they are going to create a gay mate site.

I shall now silence myself and await the Grace Explosion.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


  1. I know, they say the owner is an evangelical Christian, etc., etc. Neil Warren could have:
    1. Fought it in court.
    2. Sold E-harmony and washed his hands of the whole thing.

    I think I would have fought it or sold my company because owning it would violate my beliefs about God. Owning a site like that is basically being the middle man arranging homosexual acts. That's really crossing a line in violation of a person's religious beliefs if one is a conservative Christian.

    What about you?? What would you do??

    I'd rather have seen that case go through the court system. That would force the State to either respect our right to practise religion without the State forcing their State-established humanist religion down our throats.... or show us Christians we're in the wrong country. I'm so disgusted with this nation.

    Constitutional Secession!! (It's definitely the answer, imo.)

    (I laughed really hard when I saw your blog. I saw the title and the first couple lines on my blogroll, and I thought, "Is he gonna make me rant!" :) Then I read your last line there. Too funny. )


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  3. Well, I had a personal sense, and I didn't want to say anything without documentation. I didn't want to "smear" Dr. Warren... if my sense was not "proveable". My sense was that I believed he was in it for the money based on the facts. It was a low $$ amount award, settled out of court with an agreement to start the site. Looked like a con to me.

    I thought it was a "front". That what I thought. I thought Dr. Warren used this as a, "Oh, I was FORCED to do this!!"... when really he had no personal objection to homosexual dating.

    Here's a quote by Dr. Warren: "I have a deep desire for gays and lesbians to be matched well if they are going to be together."

    In other words, I believe he wants the market share. He has no moral issue with homosexuality.

    That's what I thought, honestly, based on the evidence. He postured himself to have an excuse as if he was sued and forced to do this, but it's just a political maneuver to avoid a political backlash from Christians bailing out of his site in protest because he's claimed he's a Christian. (I was going to say what I really thought - that I've always believed he was gay in his persona. I didn't want to say that, but now that I have more information, I don't think I'm smearing a sincere evangelically dedicated Christian by saying what I've felt - that he just has always seemed like he had a gay streak. I don't know that... but I always sensed that.)

    Now I have evidence that he's not an evangelical Christian with a moral value system that believes homosexuality is contradictory to his value system.

    I'm not bothered by this. This is NOT a Christian who was forced to do this against his will. Nah. I don't believe that for one minute.

    I have contrary evidence. I linked the site in which he did a radio interview with NPR. I suppose I could "break" that story - but I'm not really interested. If you have a news type site that might want to scoop and report it, there it is!


    Dr. Warren absolutely creeped me out. That's all I can say. If I'm wrong in my impressions, they're just my impressions.

    But I sense that about him... like there's something there that isn't just pure. Well, he doesn't have any qualms about homosexual dating... and he also met with homosexuals to help them develop a site like his for their use... before he was "sued". This is not a man who has any issues at all with being a party to this industry segment and volunteered his knowledge in that regard.

    Go ahead and have someone "scoop this" if you'd like. He doesn't DESERVE any Christian compassion for his lawsuit and being "forced" to extend his services to "gay mates". He should be exposed and Christians should bail from his e-harmony site, imo. They should use Christian dating sites, imo, that follow Christian principles. That's my opinion. Go to Christian Cafe and other sites, Christians!!

    (OK, you can forward this if you want. :) )

    I semi-ranted on Dr. Warren. lol


  4. Hmm... upon looking into the case... I have to agree with them that this was a capitalistic stab at an untapped market.

    That aside... I must agree with "Vets"... while I am not a Christian, I fully support their rights, like all religions, to operate outside the restrictions of the government. In now way should a lawsuit even be imaginable for something like this. It is so frustrating to see our Constitution stomped on by someones agenda, whether it be liberal OR conservative.

  5. (I am not a Christian) This is exactly why Prop 8 passed in California. People understand what a litigious culture we live in and judicially enforced "legal" gay marriage just opens the door for lawsuits against businesses, churches, schools, and institutions...the kind of thing gay activists promise will never happen. After seeing how the Americans With Disabilities act has been abused, it's no wonder Californians and Americans in general don't want to roll the dice and find out how creative attorneys can get with marriage "rights."

    Shame on you Dr. Warren... principles matter.

    Lipstick Underground

  6. I am just going to go forth, be fruitful wow.. I'll be able to join their new site then!

    Actually, they gave in a lot more. In addition to the above stated, the first 10K to join the new site will get freebies for a year.

    I imagine I am going to have to just sue eHarmony for not providing me with a threesome connection. *Er, you did NOT read that Grace*

    I think I am going to be ill over all of this.