Friday, November 7, 2008

‘The One’ Addresses The Masses

I watched President-Elect Obama conduct his first press conference since being elected. Just what did he have to say? Here are some details:

First of all, he arrived 20 minutes late. No big deal, as he was involved with his advisors. The first to arrive were his advisors, led by Rahm Emanuel. They all set themselves in flanking positions, having to move around to ensure a better photo-op for Obama.

His speech was predictable. He spoke of the 240K of lost jobs this month. He speaks about the struggling families and how we must act quickly. He acknowledges, however, that there can be only one president at the time (setting up to blame President Bush).

The One states that we must solve the issue by all means necessary- but as usual, gives no specific ideas on what we need to do. Then he says it, the words that all Dems in congress were waiting for- a new stimulus package for the American people, to put money in their hands, so they will stimulate the economy by spending- unless they are like me and put it in the bank to have some savings to fall back on later.

I will concede one good thing he wants, and that is to extend the limit of unemployment. He also speaks about the re-tooling of Detroit. He wants to get them help so that they can succeed; meaning, of course, that in addition to a new stimulus package, we can look forward to the bailout of the big three. He even comments on legislation to help them- government takeover of the auto-industry? Interesting notion.

He then goes on to lower expectations by letting us know the road will be long and difficult… though from his campaign rhetoric he seemed to infer that by his very election the world would get better.

From there he began to take questions. He spoke of the first 100 days as a time to restore consumer confidence. My team is gonna work to.. we gotta try to.. we got no specifics on… so fare a rehash of the campaign.

WE NEED THE MONEY TO BE SENT OUT NOW. Ok, that one I understand. Spend more money BEFORE I am inaugurated so I can blame it on Bush for not doing it fast enough. He goes on to say that he will work with the president in a bipartisan manner. Well, duh, because to say otherwise would make you look like a big, egotistical jerk.

Now comes the hard-hitting question he has been used to on the trail- where will his daughters go to school and what kind of dog will he get his daughters. Nice, touchy-feely moment to get us away from what he plans to do first while in office.

He comments on the new intel he is getting, and I am impressed on his not sharing any thoughts about it- though he does say that our intelligence system can ‘always use improving’.

lastly, he is asked about his tax plan. He gives as many specifics as he gave on the trail- lower taxes for 95%, watch the results and revise as needed, top incomes will get taxes raised, cuts for small business, etc etc etc. SO, now that he is elected, he is still running for office on rhetoric.

I will give him his chance, of that there is no doubt. He is, after all, my country’s future president. But we shall remain vigilant on the watch.

One final note. This man made a stupid joke regarding former First Lady Nancy Reagan’s use of a medium in an attempt to see beyond the grave. Not that I agree with Mrs. Reagan’s attempt, but to belittle her as the butt of some idiotic joke is flat out TASTELESS.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

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