Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our New Media?

Everyone recalls what occurred during the campaign, when Joe Biden was hit hard by some reporters from Florida and Pennsylvania- they were banned from getting any interviews for the remainder of the campaign.

I asked previously if that was what we are going to get from the upcoming administration. Is dissent against our government going to be silenced by muffling the media outlets that dare to allow such a broadcast?

The reason I am bringing this up again is because of the recent Iranian incident. A small newspaper printed a picture of our newly-elected Glorious Leader and asked why Iran does not have a Barack Obama. A fair question to many, I am sure.

The government’s answer to the question? They shut down the paper. Thus it never happened and life could move along normally. Are we going to expect the crushing of dissent through legislation and the attempted return of the Fairness Doctrine?

I am sure that it will not happen (openly) but keep your eyes peeled for anything out of the ordinary.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

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