Monday, November 10, 2008

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My previous post asked for a translation. Well, stupid me, failed to check through his FireFox plugins. In doing so, I found a web page translator. Below is the text from the Croatian newspaper site: (note that the translation is imperfect)


NEW Abecedarium For America: SOME CHANGES WE CAN EXPECT FROM BARACK OBAMA: Cold war with the Russians to replace the cold vodka

The general assessment that the election of Barack Hussein Obama for U.S. president happened to something spectacular, not only for America, but also for the whole world.

Testify about the picture of joy around the globe, from the village to kenijskih Japanese hi-tech skyscrapers, even in people who never kročili to America or even think about it. As the world poludio so now on, all think that everything is possible.

For instance, Archbishop of Atlanta and former head of the U.S. episcopal conference Wilton Daniel Gregory at Obamina day declares that the United States and the Roman Catholic church is ready for the first black Pope and that this could happen for the next conclave

Perhaps the thing that the world has become young again, and it already was not long, and some even thought that never and will not be young, but that will only sink in old age and fatigue.

They say that the last time such "youth of the world" still felt 48 years ago, when the recently elected Kennedy (even when it is a bit later grunula kontrakulturna called. Hipi revolution), since, until today, the world fell into a new spirale violence and wars, and blistava star of freedom, which is over Eastern Europe zabljesnula 1989. year, is quickly istopila villain in transition and series of wars in the former Yugoslavia and the former USSR, which are again generally face the world.

Now this face once more, after half a century, points out in a smile and youthful edition, as with advertisements for beauty products, just at the moment when America and the entire world zaglavili in the loop of endless wars and the global crisis

On the whole planet sicken hopes to attend the birth of a new one that America is the world podarila first amendment (ballad about freedom of speech), blues, jazz, rock'n'roll, bitničku (ass??) literature, a man on the moon and computing: the world is a lot of America that it gives tomahawka new models, pull the shoes at airports and a new fear.

Therefore, we, in honor of the birth of New America, compiled a short abecedarium of desires, hopes and expectations of these creations. Immediately after that, in this text that will be uncritical and soaring expectations. In short: we require a miracle! (EAGLEEYE: SO ARE WE!)

A - Africa.
As long as the Black Continent remains in poverty, the world is senseless. If the son of Kenya does not help his brothers, who they can help at all? Now is the time to Bono Vox, spokesman third-world, popije coffee with Obama.

B - Bush.
To be more never happen again that such capacity came nuclear case. America, please!

C – Chomsky, Noam.
Is it not time that the icon of anti-globalism, champion of the world critical intellectuals and leading the world completely leave the anarchist and linguistics become even Obamin informal adviser, but in full working hours?

D - Democracy.
We expect that New America continues to defend this front, but also to accept the right of those people in other parts of the world who want to restate the principles of social planning.

E – Economy.
When it two years ago started a campaign, Obama could not know for the current crisis. This can justify, but only for a while: the successful solution of this problem, unfortunately, everything else depends.

F – fanaticism, fundamentalism.
This is not happening to someone else, but everyone. U.S. curb fundamentalism and what we expect from the New America, it will be useful messages to curb other political fanaticism.

G - Guantanamo.
Closing Guantanama will be symbolic sign that we can restore the old to get used to see America as a champion of human rights.

H – Hussein.
We hope that in eight years, the first association to this name will not be former Iraqi dictator Saddam, a symbol of krvološtva, but dvomandatni (this will mean: successful) U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama.

I – Iraq, Iran, Islam.
Obama also announced a dialogue with Iran and the U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq within 16 months. We hope that this will help calm Muslim anger and suppress radical, and strengthening umjerenijih political options in those parts of the world.

J – South America.
And Evo Morales, like Obama, a member of potlačene race. Some things that Chavez says they are not so different from the things that Obama offers. Cuba is tired of the sanctions. Perhaps it is time that U.S. President popije one tekilu with South American leftist leaders.

K – Literature.
Uglednici the Swedish Royal Academy, operativci Nobel prizes, poručili that American writers "are not at the level of the standards of this award," because their literature "isolated and provincial." It remains the hope that the New America create an atmosphere that could iznjedriti new Faulkner or Hemingway.

L –Luther, Martin King.
Obama has demonstrated that it is possible to realize their dream, even of mitskih the words "I have a dream" to be 45 and not even a dream, one would have welcomed him ispričao world.

M – Multipolarni world.
If this is a neumitna future, it is good that at the beginning of the creation of the world stands a man who knows his skin, which means to be a "multi".

Yes, we can - was Obamin election slogan. Pandorina box is not in human power, but if you take the man and hope, you took his last piece of freedom. Only some runs.

O – Education and weapons.
Obama did not have a rich hinterland, the only channel of social promotion was harvardska diploma, so we expect that America will invest more in education, even prejudicial investments in weapons.

P – Taxes, justice.
The new "robinhudovska" fiscal policy, which reduces taxes poor and rich increases, restores America, and indirectly, and the whole world, the ethical normal.

President of the Russian Federation Medvedev likes Deep Purple, Obama prefers Dylan and Springsteen. Perhaps the concert Henry Rollins can arrange to replace cold war cold vodka, with a salad of cancers. Russian teddy bear, like any teddy bear, attack only when it feels threatened.

S - Socijala.
The man whom the mother in childhood prehranjivala government coupons for food that will be difficult as the leader of the New America forget those who are in capitalism ispali losers.

With Obaminim "mekšim approach," the rest of the world we hope that the atmosphere among the potential actors in general the war will be less tense.

We expect to not repeat Kennedy and Martin Luther King! Please, America, hear us!

V –Faith.
Grandson African animističkog vrača, son of atheist and agnostkinje with interest for Buddhism, at your choice Christian, believer who does not currently belong to a congregation or because razišao with the Tripartite Church of Christ, Obama is a nice illustration that faith is individual, not social rank.

We hope that the white Anglo-Saxon Protestant community, including their extremists, calmly accept that the President of the United States, for the first time since Kennedy, do not come from their ranks.

Z - Health.
America can not be a world model if any of its million inhabitants, has no health insurance. Therefore, it is announced Obamin project of national health care necessary for a New America, but also for all nations in the world that want to follow the American example. Including the Croatian people.

Yep, they want a miracle. But, then, isn't that why the Messiah was ascended by the people?

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

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