Friday, January 16, 2009

Finally! The REAL Change As Was Promised

UPDATE: I am not the only one seeing this happening. Check out what my buddy Bob has to say about the recent confirmations.


I get it now. The change promised by PEBHO (President-Elect Barrack Hussein Obama) is coming into the light for me. I had my doubts, but now I can see the grand scheme.

Basically, it no longer matters if you obey the law. All that you need to do is switch to the Democrat Party and all will be forgiven. This man is not the Messiah as claimed by many; he is, in fact, John the Baptist. He will cleanse us of our moral sins.

The fact is, that several of Obama’s picks for cabinet members have shady backgrounds and items of interest in their activities. Hillary Clinton used her senatorial clout to go to bat for some of the major donors to Bill Clinton’s foundation. His choice for Attorney General has the distinction of getting presidential pardons for some pretty bad guys- guys who should be spending life in prison about now.

His choice for Treasury Secretary, the very guy who will be overseeing the IRS, failed to pay his taxes for four years. Not only that, he failed to pay taxes for an ILLEGAL ALIEN EMPLOYEE. Oh, and not only that, he was reimbursed by the IMF (International Monetary Fund) for those very same taxes he failed to pay. He signed the forms indicating he understood just what was needed of him when it came to his tax liability- then promptly ignored it.

The arrogance is breathtaking. Here is a man, Ivy league educated, touted as a brilliant and detail-oriented tax master, who didn’t realize that he was supposed to be paying his own self-employment tax? Even after he signed the paperwork indicating he did? Who had to be told by the IRS to pay up? Who had to be told by the Obama team to pay up what the IRS had missed? (Or, more correctly, the statute of limitations for the additional failed taxes had expired, but the Obama team made him pay anyway).

Remember Joe the Plumber? He was railed in the media for his $1800 back tax lien (a lien he didn not know about because they sent the notice to an incorrect address). This guy missed $43,000 in taxes. Remember President Bush’s nominee for the head of Homeland Security Bernard B. Kerik? Remember how he failed to pay taxes on some ILLEGAL ALIENS in his employ? Remember the New York Times being all over the event? Remember how Mr. Kerik was forced to withdraw himself because of it?

So, because it was a Republican president doing the nominating, this obvious corruption could not be let go. Congressional leaders refused to allow the confirmation over such a thing. Yet, here we are four years later and we have an even WORSE nominee who is being given a pass by both the media and congress. They errors are being called ‘goofs’.

Well, I proclaim this year as National Goof Year. Call Disney, as I know the perfect replacement for the Bald Eagle as our national symbol.

He will fit right in with the current administration.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


  1. Hey Sean,

    Yep! Grace is alive... and kickin'. :) Good posts. I'm working 10-12 hour days. Lordwilling, because all things are in the Lord's hands imo, I'm going to continue working incredible hours in an effort to do my best at production this year. My best advice?? You're in FL. That's South. That's good. I'd do whatever was necessary to own a house cash in the South. Hard assets. Because when the Great Depression "hits"... it's going to take owning one's house outright and having enough liquid money to live. So, I'm going to work my tail off this year, Lordwilling - with a plan, myself, of hopefully getting everything accomplished here to relocate to the South in 2010. I shut down all blogs. Just running a "The Coming Great Depression" blog where I'll quote others and pick up articles. I won't write really, I don't think, myself anymore. :) It's Saturday, and I'm getting ready to go into work for the day. Gotta make hay while the sun shines. We may be in for some dark days and hopefully 2009 is a year of preparation... and I'll be prepared for 2010.

    I'm still reading your blog. :)


  2. See what I had to say about it today.