Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Americans Are Stupid

Yes. I said it. And yes, for the most part I mean it.

We as a nation cannot think for ourselves. We require massive amounts of media input to try and come to even a simple decision. We cannot (or will not) go out into the harsh world to find answers for ourselves, relying instead on a broken news media and radical wings of all parties putting crap out on the internet. (Yes, this includes blogs like this one.)

The Democrats ran on a ticket that we needed change to come to Washington, DC. We needed to do away with the garbage politics of old and usher in a new era of peace and prosperity.  Folks who are well-to-do must tighten their belts and give a little more, so that our great nation can turn the corner and begin crawling our way out of the cesspool and into the light of an enlightened country.

Yes. I see the great plan now. I am sorry for disbelieving. I shall strive to never again question those in power, for to do so is to be a hater, racist and bigot and is not tolerated in this country- unless, of course, you are against Israel or other freedom-loving, anti-radical countries who are defending themselves from daily bombardments- but that is another blog.

What I am talking about here is how Americans get snowed under by politicians who are good speakers, sound credible and look nice. How many young folks said they could never vote for someone who looked as old as McCain? I know of three, personally. Contrary to that, we have media who get ‘thrills up their legs’ by being close to Obama, who give others a pass on things like tax fraud, employing illegal aliens, helping push through pardons for big time crooks, and a whole host of other things.

Look at Hillary Clinton’s confirmation; hardly any of the Republicans have even been present at her confirmation hearings and those who were made it more of a group hug than anything. She fought for companies and donors to Bill Clinton’s foundation. She used her political influence on their behalf.

This is the state of our union?

Now look at what Obama promised Americans during the election. A tax cut for 95% of working Americans (an impossibility if you go by the IRS numbers, where 40% of Americans do not pay income taxes). He promised that he would not raise taxes on the poor, and the media sold the lie to America.

Did we investigate? Some did, but the vast majority were blinded by Bush hatred and/or Obama love. It is that simple. Rational thought left us long ago and we are now guided by our ideological passions. This includes a corrupted media.

What is driving this post is the new legislation being pushed through the Hose and Senate. It is a law that will massively increase taxes on all tobacco products. It is interesting to note that studies by various institutions have reported that families making OVER $60,000 per year account for only 14% of the taxes on tobacco. What that means, dear readers, is that the POOR of the country are about to have their asses handed to them.

Of course, the liberal folks will tout that the taxes will be used to provide funding for health care for children. If you are against that you are a Hate Monger in Extremis, even though many of the people getting these funds are neither poor nor children. So the new regime will not tax your income- that would be bad. instead, they will tax (incredibly) an entire industry; an industry largely supported by those at the lower income levels.

How bad could it be? Cigarette taxes would rise from $19.50 per thousand to $50.00 per thousand for small cigarettes and from $40.95 per thousand to $105.00 per thousand for large cigarettes.

Read the bill here, or just the tax portion here. Michelle Malkin does a great job of reporting on it.

Get ready to ride the wave. It’s going to be a wild time.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

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  1. Well, everyone will quit smoking, and then they'll have to find something else to tax in their GREED. (It's not about trying to tax something because it's "bad" - it's just looking for an excuse to TAX because they are GREEDY and want $$$.) What?? Food?? Because they are going to lose their tax revenue bases. People don't have the money. It's going to be interesting watching DC go bananas.... trying to hypertax things to get money and power flowing to and through them again (their hooked on it). But when that doesn't work - they'll print money like crazy cuz they're on a power high. And that will create hyperinflation. This is going to get interesting.