Monday, January 26, 2009

SCHIP On its way! Hurray! Finally change we can believe in!

State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) is a program designed to get low income families health coverage for their children. How low of an income? President Bush wanted it to be a truly working class poor. Even below three times the poverty level was too high for Bush.

See here for current poverty levels, but roughly for a family of four it is below $22,000 annually. So basically President Bush said if you made $66,000 annually you should not be on this program. I am around that and I am doing fine, so I can agree with the veto of the original bill.

Well, now that we have The Wicked Witch Of  The West and the Cowardly Lion running the show, the bill has been resubmitted. This time, there are no limits on salary.

From the Washington post:

The new expansion, which is vengeance for Bush’s veto, is mission gallop: It will make it much easier for some states to extend SCHIP eligibility to children from families earning up to $84,800. Furthermore, to make “poor” an extremely elastic concept, generous “income disregards” are allowed. Families can, depending on their state’s policies, subtract from their income calculation what they spend on rent or mortgage or heating or food or transportation or some combination of these. So children in some families with incomes well over $100,000 will be eligible.

Grace-Marie Turner, a student of health-care policies, says this SCHIP expansion is sensible — if your goal is quickly to get as many people on public coverage as possible and to have children grow up thinking that it is normal for them to get their health insurance from the government. That is the goal.

What a fantastic plan! Why was this not done sooner? Allowing me to exercise my patriotic duty by funding health care for people making twice as much as I do! I love it! What a country.

I think I am going to revisit Mad Max and The Road Warrior. I consider them as training films for what is to come.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

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