Saturday, January 17, 2009

Liberals Are Stupid

The double standard is getting to be incredibly much to bear. I swear, every day I believe more and more that the Russian guy who predicted America would fail and be divided into six different sections in 2010 is right- though perhaps off by a year.

I don't want any part of a liberal nation. The slow, consistent perversion of morality is killing me. I am by no means perfect. But abortion is wrong; Worshiping a false idol is wrong; Nanny State socialism is wrong; Being 'nice' to blood-thirsty psychopathic jihadists is wrong; Letting millions cross our borders and not forcefully enforcing immigration laws is wrong.

Why is it that when Republicans or Conservatives do something questionable the MSM and liberal idiots jump up and down screaming and crying foul, but when liberal idiots do the same thing, people have orgasms over the historical nature of it all?

Cases in point:

  • President Bush spent around $45 million on his inauguration and the media and liberal idiots screamed bloody murder, saying it was severely poor taste to spend so much during a time of war, and when the middle class was hurting. Of course, not a word is mentioned about the $150 million our President Elect is splooging all over Washington. So much so, that the White House has declared a state of emergency in the city and will be helping out financially (maybe THIS is why Congress released the rest of the TARP funds?)
  • In 2003, President Bush signed a few American flags for some embassy staff members. The media and liberal idiots, correctly, said President Bush was wrong in doing so. The code of the American flag clearly says that no marking shall be placed upon the flag. NOTHING ON THE FLAG. But of course, the liberal idiots don't give a damn about the American flag when the face of our President Elect is put on one. Don't believe me? Look for yourself. I would put it up here, but REFUSE to give that abomination of a flag any more visual press than it has already gotten.

The liberal bias in this country has reached a frenzied state. Our economy is going to tank even further after the hemorrhage  of money flowing from our coffers finally catches up with us. But all of the liberal idiots who voted for Obama (or against McCain) don't seem to care one iota that we are wallowing in our own immoral vomit. All that they care about is that Nanny Sam will provide all that they need and the rest of the world will once again pay homage to the USA because the savior is about to rise to his throne.

I get so sick of my fellow citizens some times. Perhaps my friend Grace has a point. Secession might not be such a bad thing, if it will allow me to live in the type of country meant to be by my founding fathers.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

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  1. Oh, I am reading these posts from most recent going through. I see you see it. This is not our nation. We've been overthrown. We're the remnant, not any who would overthrow our beloved nation. Others have done so. We must restore it. I pray the Southern States secede, and I want to relocate by 2010. That's my "hope" for "change" and return to our great nation by the several states of the South and West... and Alaska.