Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Stupid Liberals Prove Me Right

I didn’t watch the Obagasm today. I had thought about it, but when I saw the abomination flags in the blogosphere, the very same ones touted in Baltimore that were now in D.C., I elected to skip the event. I am glad that I did. I just don’t think I could have sat through a racist invocation, a seriously out of it poet and the continual gushing of adoration by a million worshipers (and a few MSM news media to boot).

I hope my children got to see it; I have yet to ask them but I am sure their school stopped all class work to allow the children a chance to see the historic event. And I mean that sincerely, for it is certainly that. Children should be presented with events such as these; how else will they ever become knowledgeable citizens?

But the liberal crowds again showed their crass and ignorant ways. They demand fairness and equality for everyone. They demand that we look past bias and accept folks for who they are. The demand that we all just get along. Unless you are George W. Bush, former president of the United States of America.

As he left, the crowds were chanting an old tune- "na na na na, na na na na, hey-ey-ey, goodbye."

Yesterday, there were stands up where people could remove their shoe and throw it at a likeness of President Bush- who was still the president! Secret Service? Hello?

Will anyone in the Administration bother to repudiate the crowds? Will they stand up for the outgoing president? Of course not. But what they WILL do is go full speed into the liberal agenda now posted on the re-done www.whitehouse.gov site. All of the placating of gays, environmentalists and anti-American folks now begins in earnest. (And we can even blame Michelle Obama and Jill Biden because they are listed as part of the Administration, according to that site.)

Stupid is as stupid does. And today the news media provided me a great glimpse into the stupidity about to unfold.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


  1. i watched because i home school and my kids needed to see a peaceful transfer of power.

    i am sad but not surprised that there were shoe throwing booths...

    God help us.


  2. I didn't watch. I was working. I was at a client's house at an appointment leaving at about 5 or so... and they had me turn to watch the tv for a moment. I saw a black limo and quickly turned away and told them, "Ummmmm.... I'm going to try to be kind and not say anything." See, no desire to throw a shoe. But I turn my back on this man. (They were Rush Limbaugh listeners... but they were watching to watch.)

    I felt no need to watch. I have my eyes on a new nation and a new future. This nation shall perish as a whole now. We're going to plunge into the Greatest Depression, imo, as the result of socialist federal government and all their corruption - which will go at an incredible speed... NOW. This guy's a crook among other things.