Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama Fails First Casual Press Meeting

One thing that Obama promised was Change. Transparency. No more business as usual. To that end, he issued a policy that says no one who has been a lobbyist would be allowed to serve in a department for which the person lobbied.

As well, if you worked in the government, you could not then leave and become a lobbyist to that department. I like the rule. If I might borrow from a software development term, it ‘separates the concerns’. A fair and reasonable request.

Of course, now that he is confronted by reporters about a pentagon nominee who just recently lobbied the pentagon on behalf of Raytheon, he got agitated. The administration has asked for a ‘waiver’ for the individual because, I guess, there are no other suitably qualified people in all of the world.

Read about the pentagon official here.

 See Obama get agitated here when questioned by White House Press Corps folks.

This is the reason I say that he failed the meeting, though I imagine many will not. He gets easily miffed at being questioned. Yes, he did not go there for the purpose of answering questions, but they are reporters!

All during the campaign (and after) he  had the questioning tightly controlled. He had better get ready for the hard questions to come. Otherwise it will be a long four years,

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

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