Sunday, January 18, 2009

Proposal To Remove Presidential Term Limits

I thought it was a joke, but it is true.

On January 6th, 2009, the Honorable Representative from the 16th District of New York entered into the House of Representatives H.J.Res.5, a bill proposing the repealing of the 22nd Amendment, thereby removing the presidential term limits.

Luckily there are no sponsors... yet! I wonder why he would want that?

See the story here, at JMAC Politics.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be  leader or a follower?


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  2. Sick. Obama for dictator. No respect for our system of Government.

    (I kept reading your blogs and so I erased the above comment - cuz it was a question answered by a blog I then read after this one.)


  3. ? - I wonder if anyone has debunked the myth that working people voting for Obama is "in their best interest". That's the myth that, to me, is sweeping unions and working/middle class voting blocs. Seems to me that they think they are going to get $$ from the upper/middle class. However, I've been reading that 40-50% of Americans are not taxpayers. That means those of us (union/working/middle class) who are working are supporting them. I have not seen anyone move to "debunk" the myth.

    Cuz common sense tells me that it's the union/working/middle class who are going to be paying increased taxes and have a lower standard of living as the result of the 40-50% of Americans who do not work. It would seem to me that it's in our best interest to cut social programs and get those people back to work and off the social dole - that we're paying for. Seems to me that anyone who is union/working/middle class should vote for conservative candidates because that is in their best interest.

    Sure, people on welfare - yes, it's in their economic best interest to enslave the working/middle class/union people and take their wages from them.

    But union/working/middle class have bought what to me is a lie - that they're going to gain advantage from socialist tax and spend - borrow and spend programs. Actually, they're just going to lose their jobs and pay higher taxes.

    But does anyone know of an article that has really head on addressed this myth that socialism is to the advantage of anyone but someone on welfare who doesn't work for a living??

    I'd appreciate a "heads up" to facts/articles debunking the myth that caused union/working/middle class people to believe this "it's in our best interest to vote for Obama" Obamalie.