Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Blog

My friend Grace, formerly of Grace explosion, as shifted gears and now keeps us abreast of the coming Great Depression.

Check out the blog here, already with some great posts.

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  1. Wow. Thanks Sean. Yeah, I think I'll just gather information and report projections. This is really sad. But that blog - it's heartbreaking - may be reporting the extreme difficulties of hardworking men and women who wanted no part of socialism - worked as hard as they could always - and may suffer greatly as the result of a Great Depression caused by Government policies. Get out of debt, stockpile canned goods now - prepare gardens - even basement gardens with lighting - try to have generators in place in case electricity is not available due to whatever... I'm telling you - we need to shore up and store up whatever we need to store up - because hyperinflation may hit. I pray to God I have a phenomenal 2009, can resolve all my business up here in the North, and can move South to pay cash for a house, stock that basement with food, have a generator for electricity or some kind of source of electricity for if I cannot pay the costs once hyperinflation hits... or whatever.

    We need to prepare for calamity. If it isn't as bad as people say - no problem. I'd be glad. But this isn't "Y2K". This the reality of a coming Great Depression. We must be prepared.

    And it's going to be sad if and when I post on that blog stories of our brothers and sisters around America suffering hunger like we've seen in 3rd world countries - all because of national socialism and federal monetary and government programs and interventions in the free markets and taxation, etc.

    This is America. We were always so blessed. Only a government which pays people not to work and then tries to control the businesses and people who do work through taxes, regulations, then gives away their money through social programs, etc.... could have destroyed it.

    And, to me, they did.

    Wow. OK, it's really a "patriotic" thing for me to see the country I once loved turned into another country and preparing to see good men and women potentially suffer.

    I want South in 2010 with a basement stocked with food and supplies... and a means of electricity. That's all I know at this point. I wish I didn't think it's going to get that bad. I believe it will. Sadly. Sadly for America and with concern for my fellow Americans.