Thursday, February 26, 2009

Senate Votes On Fairness Doctrine

For all of you who think that the Obama administration is not going to try and shut down any dissent (i.e. all of talk radio) you have another thing coming.

On the Senate floor, for a vote, are a pair of amendments. One is to ban anything akin to the Fairness Doctrine (Demint – R) and the other an amendment that will push the FCC  to  “take actions to encourage and promote diversity in communication media ownership,” (Durbin – D)

That, dear readers, is the Fairness Doctrine in a nutshell. The US Government forcing radio owners to put on what the government sees as fair broadcasting.

Never mind that every other media outlet- TV, newspaper, magazine, etc – are all liberally biased. Now congress wants to dictate it all.

Divide and conquer as they say. Get rid of talk radio, and you take away the common gathering point of conservatives.

Gird your loins, the winds are about to start blowing.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


  1. I see that DeMint's passed more handily than Durbin's yet I also know both are attached to a voting bill for DC. DeMint's if passed would guard against rules by the FCC which Durbin is trying to backdoor us on.

  2. My worry is that anti-doctrine amendments submitted in various bills have always been stripped out in the House.

    This means that Durbin's route has more support than DeMint's.

    We will see.