Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Federal Committee Will Decide Healthcare

I know. That sounds totally Orwellian, doesn’t it? Why in the world would anyone want to create a governing body that decides if you can get treatment or not? Or, better yet, if the treatment cannot cure you and will only prolong the inevitable, you can be cut off.

Totally sick, yes? Yeah. I agree.

For those who voted for Obama, thanks. The very language mentioned above is part of the now-passed stimulus package.

You wanted HopenChange, well, you got it.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


  1. I'm sure they will see the cost benefits to the State of eliminating care for "useless eaters" - since individuals no longer matter and they can justify their treatment of individuals on the basis of the "greater good" of the public since they think Big Brother should decide who gets what and who lives and dies. The elderly and disabled may want to consider what euthanasia is like in communist countries.

    I read that in Oregon a woman in a state health plan (they made it universal there) was sent a notice that her care was too expensive. (The doctors said it would have worked and wanted to provide the care - but the State said it was too expensive in their eyes.) So the treatment her doctor recommended to save her life was denied. And stuck in with the notice of denial for lifesaving care was a notice reminding her that the State, however, will pay for her euthanasia.

    Preposterous?? Fact. And when the Government gets more power -- I think they won't just "suggest" you die. Euthanasia will be forced, imo... because a communist Government cares nothing for individuals.

    Is that the "change" people wanted?? Do they have any idea that Government does not provide a "utopia" in universal health care -- but will move to create an Orwellian death machine?? Are people STILL really glad they voted for him?? Are a larger percentage of people "waking up" yet??

  2. I just read that. Illegal search and seizure of my records and data. Illegal search and seizure of my doctor/patient relationship. I want to see a warrant for that. That's in violation of my right to privacy. That's unConstitutional. Unless I'm in prison, or a search warrant can force the disclosure of that information - I believe they're violating rights to privacy, rights to autonomy -- LIBERTY and the pursuit of happiness --- and definite illegal search and seizure.

    People from the Government have NO BUSINESS involving themselves between my doctor and me. Big Government: Stay out of my bedroom. Stay out of my doctors office. Same principle.