Thursday, February 5, 2009

S-CHIP Deux- The Road To Universal Care

I cannot stand being made to pay for people’s health care when they should be perfectly capable of paying for it themselves. As I explained in an earlier post, the new S-CHIP program allows people up to age 30 (some child!) and in families making around $85K (some poor!) to get federally funded care.

Today, Obama rescinded an order from President Bush. The order used to say that a state could not give free care to a child (of a family) making more than the allotted salary unless at least 95% of the poor were getting the care.

Is it hard to judge 95%? Yes, I will agree. But now, it does not matter if the poor get care. All that matters is that anyone who wants free care can now get it, all at our expense.

Of course, groups like AMERIGROUP are loving it. They now get federally guaranteed money.

This administration is completely oblivious to reality. We cannot afford to continue to pay for everyone and everything. It cannot be sustained. I wish you all well, because the storm is brewing.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


  1. Well, maybe you and your family could just stop eating on Tuesdays. Just fast. And if you're really patriotic - more days than just Tuesdays.

    Let's all of us who work for a living stop eating so the Government can have more of our money!! Oh. That's their plan, isn't it?? Sometimes I think I come up with new ideas - but someone else has already thought of them.

  2. LOL.. I am beginning to wonder if you are parked on my page all day..:)

  3. The SCHIP program is such a farce, grrrr...i keep thinking i am going to write about it on my blog, but all i find is double talk when i am researching it!!!