Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Most Open And Transparent? Hardly.

For those not following the news, there is yet another Obama bait and switch going on. It is being overshadowed by the bail-a-mania but bears a very close looking into.

Obama has promised Hope-n-Change. He has promised bipartisanship. He has promised openness and transparency.

Why is it, then, that he waits until 3:30 PM on a Friday, a day that historically an administration would do something it wanted buried in the news over the weekend, to sign a directive moving control of the census from the Commerce Department to the White House? Rahm Emanuel, the most partisan of all of the Democrats in Washington, D.C. will be in charge?

I guess that we get what we vote for… oh wait.. I didn’t vote for the government to take control of my life. If you did, this is all on you.

If you are not sure why it even matters, you should not have voted. He who controls the counting, controls the government.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


  1. Did you see this morning another thing that was added to the "stimulus" bill overnight on Saturday? The government now wants to control medical costs by telling doctors what procedures they can perform, depending on cost. Here we go. Spechter says he will look into this. Ha!

    Visit my blog to see what I had to deal with last night.