Wednesday, February 4, 2009

S-CHiP Passes, Quit Smoking Now

Well, the administration got its first true legislation passed today, by a vote of 290-135-8. What this bill does is expand the health coverage to some 4 million children who might not otherwise have it.

Not a bad thing, yes?

Unless one considers the fact that the bill opens up the eligible to a higher income bracket, meaning that those targeted are NOT the poor as claimed, but to those who might otherwise afford their own care.  Check out this summary to see where someone making 300% of the poverty level can now qualify for free care. (in context, poverty for my family is about 29K. So, I would be eligible up to 87K- yes, I am eligible and yes, I can easily afford my own). And, it isn’t just children who are eligible under this version, but adults as well.

Of course, the key to all of this is that there will now be a 61 cent tax on all tobacco products in order to fund this; a fact that as stated here previously means the poor will now have to pay the larger portion because the poor have the highest percentage of smokers.

This is how it is going to be, folks., We The People will be forced to pay it all. Of course, many are happy with that. Especially your congressmen and senators because they get full coverage even after leaving office- all on the taxpayer dime.

Keep the Vaseline close; it is going to be a long, hard, deep road.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


  1. ? - Are we now going to supply free health care to illegal immigrants?? That's the same as sending money outside the USA (they're not citizens), when it's the American taxpayer who has to pay the bill - and we need to be building up our own savings, our own capital investment in business, and shoring up our nation's finances.

    In other words, beggars cannot be benefactors. We're broke. We cannot afford to support the world. We have to take care of our own people and nation.

    Well, it was Democrats. I'm sure it was a big illegal immigrant give away program. I paid over $300 a month to keep my children covered under medical insurance. And now I've got to pay for some illegal immigrants kids?? When they are breaking the law to be here in the first place??

    I think if we're going to win the war against leftism - we need to enforce getting illegal immigrants out of our country. They bankrupted California, imo - and who is going to pay for that "bailout"?? All of us. SO, we're supporting all these welfare programs to people outside of our country's citizenship. "We cannot afford it": That's something shopaholics (and politicians) cannot understand.

  2. Well, supposedly there are provisions that say the state has to verify. They have to establish a means of verifying the person is legally eligible to receive the care.


    All I know is that I meet the 'under 300% of the poverty level' for my family size (6, with 4 kids under 18). So *I* can get free health care!