Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Do You Have Buyer’s Remorse Yet?

UPDATE: Edited to keep Jen's head from exploding at my piss-poor grammar. Not that this is any better, but it is better..:)

If you are not beginning to question your choice in voting for Hopey One Kenobi, then my only guess is that either 1) you WANT to be the Socialist States Of Amerika, 2) you could not care less about what he said on the campaign trail, as long as Bush and the evil R-People were booted to the curb, 3) you could not care less about what he said as long as a black man got elected, or 4) you really are as stupid as I think.

I cannot keep up with this moron.

- The guy has more lobbyists in his administration than staffers.

- He randomly picks people to be in his cabinet because he has no clue. He has done nothing but campaign since getting elected to the Illinois senate.

- He just signed an $827 billion spending frenzy (1.2 trillion with interest) which is closer to $3 trillion when you take into account the annual funding required to keep the programs going.

- He decided to use some of TARP II ($275 billion) to buy out those poor unfortunate a$$hats that got in over their head and now claim it is their RIGHT to have a house.

- His House just passed $410 billion more in spending today, which is guaranteed to pass in the Senate.

- Thursday he will unveil his FY2010 budget (which takes effect in October, btw)  which includes $634 billion for healthcare alone.

Over $2 TRILLION dollars in just over 30 days.

Where will it end?

With people lying in the streets. A revolution is coming. It cannot end any other way. At first it will be peaceful protesting, but as the insanity continues it will turn violent.

The liberals in charge are drunk with power and ecstasy at being able to ram through whatever they wish, consequences be dammed.

If you voted for this idiot, you deserve what you get. But I want to say, THANK YOU for effing my children's future away.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


  1. Did you hear what Governor Jay Nixon said about passing on the stimulus debt to Missouri's children?

  2. Yes, I hear the revolution rumblings getting louder. I told my son to not be surprised. He can't believe it will happen. He is a junior in high school and just does not grasp that this could really happen. He cannot see Americans fighting each other. I just tell him again, "Do not be surprised."

  3. The problem with youth today is that they expect things to just 'continue on' as usual. MTV, VH1, Family Guy, The Simpsons, whatever.

    We, as a nation, are complacent. It will take YEARS to undo, and it all starts with us preaching it to our kids until they are onboard with our way of thinking.

    The country is worth fighting (and dieing) for.