Monday, December 15, 2008

Whatever Happened…

… to the best man for the job actually getting the job? Now, I am by no means against giving equal opportunity to anyone who wants to apply for a job, position, school, whatever. But what I vehemently oppose is setting quotas for certain racial types.

Why does this still exist? Why is it that if an exceptional candidate does not fit a racial profile he or she is ignored in favor of a more politically correct choice?

Now, even the US Naval Academy is getting involved. This academy is in NO WAY giving preferential treatment to non-minorities. If a student is qualified, he can apply, no matter what. The application process is rigorous, to be sure, but anyone can attend if selected.

Now, however, the academy is asking the Black and Hispanic Caucuses what it can do to get more minorities to come to the school. Is there any doubt? The caucuses will ensure that their racial quotas are being filled. What qualified candidate will be refused entry based on the fact he or she is NOT a minority.

I said it before; AMERICAN first. I could care less as to your cultural heritage. If you are American, that is all that matters. That is what you should be judged on; that and your academic and civic performance. Drop the Affirmative Action crap. In the past, it served a purpose. Now, like so many other groups, it only serves to divide.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

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  1. I saw tapes of what blacks went through back in the 50's. So I thought I would be pro-affirmative action for 70 years from then... til 2020 to kind of "tip the scales". Then I saw Reverend Wright's hate speeches against white Americans in Chicago. I decided that there is a lot of hate and discrimination and prejudice towards whites.

    A lot of people show hate for Governor Palin and call her "white trash". Then they burned her church.

    I'm most concerned about race hatred towards white people these days.

    I read an article where they said that the 10% of blacks in our country are responsible for the majority of interracial violent crime - like 85% or so towards whites. Is it possible that a lot of hatred has been created in blacks towards whites?? Isn't that the reality of what the statistics are showing?? And what are people doing to stop all the attitudes of victimization and hate of blacks towards whites when Wright and Farrakhan and Jesse Jackson are tolerated with hate speeches like they speak??

    I'm quite concerned about the seething hostility that certain leaders like Wright, Farrakhan and Jackson are promoting... and it makes a person wonder how widespread violent attitudes in the black community against whites is. It seems really hostile and hateful.

    I think it has to stop. Especially on the basis of statistics of violence I read.

    I'm not so concerned with Affirmative Action as I am concerned with the reality of violence in the black community... and who and what are creating these seeds of hatred.

    Just last year I was still in favor of Affirmative Action. But what good is it doing if the result of all these things are more hatred between the races - and the blacks being incited to hate whites?? That's sure what it looks like is happening to me based on Wright, etc.