Thursday, December 18, 2008

Best Christmas Card Of The Season

I found this card today, and got three of them because it was incredibly funny. It gets my vote for the card of the year.


So anyway, I'm standing in line to buy you a freakin' Christmas card and the line is like seventeen billion people long 'cause everybody and their stupid brother decided today was the best day in the history of the world to do their Christmas shopping, and all the dumb teenage boy at the register is thinking about is the dumb teenage girl at the other register, and some dumb lady is turning her purse inside out to come up with "exact change," like she is gonna win some kind of "exact change trophy" or something and some idiot starts up with his "This item has a special holiday pricing" crap, and I just really hope you like this Christmas card...





....'cause I stole it.


Anyway, Merry Christmas!

The revolution is at hand, but we can still LAUGH about it.


  1. Hey Sean,

    Hope all is well.

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