Monday, December 22, 2008


So we have this $800 billion bailout of the financial sector, with some $17 billion going now to auto-makers, another $1 trillion in ‘stimulus’ coming down the pipe and now the monopolies of the broadband world and the hard-pressed commercial real estate developers need our money.

It will never stop. Soon the private owner operators of the trucking industry will band together. Newspaper companies will (and have) ask for financial help.

What about the porn industry? How many people rely on that industry to keep their sex lives spicy and interesting? What will become of the mental state of America if we do not help these poor girls who work for a dollar at a time?

We have begun the slope that everyone said won’t be an issue. Once a precedent is set, the flood gates are opened for any nut job who thinks he is owed something.

My aunt is living proof of the gap between her generation and ours. My son’s first words upon getting home are ‘what is for dinner?’ If we are not providing him with dinner he goes hungry, because at 17 I guess he isn’t smart enough to make his own soup or sandwich. Which is false, he is very intelligent, but we have allowed him to become this way. I accept the blame fully, for one more year- then he can see what being treated like an adult really means.

I see similar examples from many of my friends’ children, too. Their kids are expecting the parents to do and provide so that they don’t have to. If the parent puts his or her foot down, then the stuff begins to hit the fan. Kids feel ENTITLED to have what they want without really working for it.

Compare that to my aunt, who scarcely has money to get by on but insists that we trade gifts on Christmas. We try to not do this, so that she won’t feel obligated, but she feels it her duty to do so. God forbid we offer her money to help out; she throws it back at us, telling us that she doesn’t need it and that she is doing fine.

Free and independent is a beautiful thing. Her generation believed in self-sustaining themselves. During economic hard times, people banded together with their families. Do you ever notice how many poor people seem much happier than those who are well off? There is no sense of entitlement there. Family is what they have and their love and caring carry them through anything this world can offer.

This deep cleaning of our souls is just what the doctor ordered, in my opinion. I fear for my job, yes, but I also know that there are many places me and my family can go to help support one another. I do not want a handout. I want all of these businesses, who claim that the economy cannot survive without them, to shut the hell up and eat their losses. Close their doors. Someone will pick up the pieces. It is the law of the jungle.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

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  1. The law of the Jungle? We could use Tarzan right now, not all the chimps we have in Congress these days.

    Me Jane.